The Stephen King Marathon

I’ve taken it upon myself to read every single Stephen King book in chronological order. My husband and I have been collecting them all, because we’re both King-heads, and have a master list on the living room wall so we can keep track of what we need.

In October 2013 my man got me Doctor Sleep for my birthday, and upon reading it, had a massive hankering to go back and read the Shining. It had been so many years. But then, looking at our kick ass list gave me the idea to read every single one, from Carrie to whatever will be the latest once I get to the end.

There are a few that I’ve missed over the years. Carrie was my first, when I was about thirteen. I’d devoured every R.L. Stine book on the market, and was hankering for some good horror. My mom is a massive King fan, so she handed me Carrie, Christine, and Cujo. From then on, I was hooked.

Of course, it’s been awhile since I’ve read a lot of the old ones. I’ve reread the Dark Tower books three times (Wizard and Glass five times), but aside from Duma Key I haven’t reread any of his other ones. And there are so many that I didn’t get my hands on, including the Bachman books.

So begins my quest.

How can you not love this man??

NOTE: My blurbs on these books are not reviews, just some of my musings after reading them. Also, I’m going to talk about plot points. So if you haven’t read them and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read these, because there will be spoilers abound. What you should do is totally read them with me. Totes, yo.

#1: Carrie

#2: Salem’s Lot

#3: The Shining

#4: Rage

#5: Night Shift

#6: The Stand

#7: The Long Walk

#8: The Dead Zone

#9: Firestarter

#10: Road Work

#11: Danse Macabre

#12: Cujo

#13: The Running Man

#14: The Gunslinger

#15: Different Seasons 1 – Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

#16: Different Seasons 2 – Apt Pupil

#17: Different Seasons 3 – The Body

#18: Different Seasons 4 – The Breathing Method

#19: Christine

#20: Pet Sematary (Currently Reading)



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