Ch ch ch changes!

So, I didn’t realize how crazy life with a baby is. But it is. I’m having an awesome time, but juggling many things. Quite a few of those things have to do with trying to get some things up and running to help provide for my family financially once my maternity leave is over. The two things I’m working on are crocheting my ass off, and selling Young Living essential oils. They are two things I am incredibly passionate about, and have integrated into my life.

In order to promote my business(es), I’ve created a new blog specifically for my DIY projects, so that this blog can go back to being what it was originally intended to be: random crap about writing and whatever opinions I happen to have that day. It kind of became a hub for all kinds of projects, including a lot of Whole30 posts, but when I get followers for that stuff I feel bad because that’s not really what the blog is about.

So. If you’re following me because you’re interested in my DIY projects and posts about general wellness (including the Whole30 or Whole9 lifestyle, because I will be posting lots of recipes!), please head on over to my new blog, SlayingTheSkeptic. There are a few DIY projects up there right now, and more to come! I’ll be moving a lot of my past projects over there too, including a revamped version of my cloth diapers because now that I have the baby to put them on I’ve learned how to make and use them properly. So I hope you join me over there and enjoy what you see!

For the rest of you, I’d love if you could give my new blog a follow and a share, but if you’re hanging around because you like my ranting, or my posts about reading books and writing, then it’s going to be a little slow around here but I am not gone! Just trying to balance motherhood, two businesses, and what little bit of a social life I still manage to have.

To any of you who are still kicking around, I am ever appreciative of your dedication, and hope that I haven’t disappointed you too much with my absence. If all goes according to plan and I can get my ducks in a row, I hope to have all kinds of awesome things to share with you!

Much love,





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