Introducing: The Arctic Fox

So, I’ve been working on a thing. Once I’d exhausted all of my resources towards Slingers Embroidery and realized that I wasn’t going to hit the funding goal, I started to explore some other avenues. I’ve always been obsessed with making stuff. Embroidered baby slings seemed like a really cool niche product that I could work with, but with all the regulations and insurance involved, it was going to need a lot of startup money.

As I continued to tinker around in my craft room (which sometimes is my coffee table, let’s be honest here), I chewed over what kind of product I could make, or that I really wanted to make. I realized that I don’t like to be constrained, which of course makes businesses like this difficult. I like to just make stuff, and be creative, and go with it. So, in the spirit of creative flow, The Arctic Fox was born.

Because foxes are awesome, and Canada is cold.

Because foxes are awesome, and Canada is cold.

As of right now, I have a few blog posts scheduled to come out over there on Fridays, and the theme is that they’re free tutorials. I’m starting with some sewing basics, but will eventually expand into full blown project tutorials as I create more original work. I’d like to get into some crochet over there as well, since I’ve been doing a lot of that too.

My bestie over at Emerald’s Creations is also a crafter, and we’re going to be doing some vendor shows throughout the fall and winter. I will keep these events updated over at The Arctic Fox, and once I have items listed in the shop I will put up a link here at Voracious Vividity in case any of my wonderful followers are interested in my work!

Also if you’re running a kickass craft blog with tutorials and fun projects, let me know and I’ll link to you from TAF! As well as selling my wares, I want to be able to share in the DIY community as much as I can!



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