Fuck Fat Shaming v2

Sometimes it’s hard to feel sexy.


Body image and self esteem issues are rampant in our society. Some blame the media, some bad parenting, some mental illness. Whatever the cause, we need to be promoting happiness. Because otherwise we end up with vapid bullshit spewing out of the mouths of ignorant cunts like Nicole Arbour.

Yes, I’m going to talk about this, because it’s draining knowing that people continually perpetuate hate. For those of you who miraculously haven’t heart, Nicole Arbour is a ‘comedian’ on YouTube (that I am ashamed to say is Canadian… sorry to the rest of the world) that posted a rant video on YouTube titled ‘Dear Fat People’. You can probably guess where this is going.

She went into excessive detail about how ‘fat people smell like sausages’ and ‘fat shaming isn’t a thing’. The kicker? After all of the backlash it has rightfully received, she’s not apologizing because it’s supposed to be ‘satire’. Because joking that fat people sweat crisco just from standing is so fucking funny.

Look at me laughing.

Look at me laughing.

And then she had the audacity to tweet that ‘The reason there’s an issue is because I don’t “look” like a traditional comedian. If I were a guy, people would have lol’d n moved on.’ What’s that, Nicole? You feel you’re being discriminated against because you’re a female comedian? So it’s okay for you to say that all fat people are gross and should be shamed and discriminated against, but poor you because you’re a woman in a man’s world?

Fuck. You.

I’m also really sick of hearing people bitch about how they’re ‘just looking out for fat people’s health’ and ‘it’s just so unhealthy!’. SHUT UP! Do you look at every single person on the street, stop them and ask them about their health lifestyle? A thin person might eat oreos all day and smoke crack, but you care more about the fat person that ‘probably has heart disease’ because they’re fat and so you can tell? No, you’re just trying to justify being a fucking asshole by claiming that it’s because ‘you care’.

If you actually cared, you would be promoting body positivity.

If you cared, you would be touting the importance of loving oneself.

If you cared, you would be shouting from the rooftops that everyone is a unique and beautiful snowflake.

By continuing to shame people, you’re not helping. You’re not going to ‘offend them into losing weight’. All you’re doing is perpetuating hate culture, whether it be discrimination against race, gender, sexuality, weight, favourite colour, whatever. We shouldn’t be hating each other for any of those things, because more hate means more negativity. And more negativity means more depression and low self esteem. More depression means dangerous choices. Do you see the downward spiral?

What needs to happen is that we need to support our Amy Schumers and our Nadia Alboulhosns and our Jenny Trouts and others that are trying to make a difference in a world full of hate and low self esteem.

If we can all learn to love ourselves and each other, the world will be a healthier, happier place, no?




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