What You Can Do With Shipping Containers

Last week, I blathered on a bunch about sustainable housing. I focused mainly on earthbag houses, but there is another super cheap building method that I want to examine today, and that is houses made out of shipping containers.

Drooling over this house. #HousePorn

Drooling over this house. #HousePorn

People are getting super creative with these! There are so many ways to stack them, it’s like adult Lego!

Ugh. <3

Ugh. <3

Shipping containers get left in shipyards all over North America because we import more than we export, thus creating a market for recycling them. Prices range between $1500 and $3000 per container, depending on length and height and the company that is selling them. Even at the high end, $3000 for a weatherproof structure that provides the perfect shell for a house is phenomenal!

Not having to shell out a ton of money for the structure itself leaves a lot of wiggle room for customizing your house in ways that you may not have been able to afford on top of building a traditional house.

Simple yet beautiful.

Simple yet beautiful.

Aside from visual customization, this also makes it a great candidate for a sustainable home. Drop a container on a chunk of land, add some solar panels, composting septic and find a water source, and you’re good to go! You could even move your belongings in the container and ship it to your location. Because it’s a container for shipping. It’s like a house-in-a-box… and the box is the house!



I love these so freaking much.


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