Help Me Kickstart Slingers Embroidery

Hi all! Today I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to fund a home business, Slingers Embroidery. Hubby and I have been working towards this so that after maternity leave I can work at home with our little girl.

You may remember me farting around with a baby sling pattern a while back. I’ve continued to do so, at great lengths, to the point where people started asking me how much I’m charging for them. This sparked some excitement in me, and away I went crafting and budgeting and researching. After much hard work, prototypes, and love and support from friends and family, I was ready to fund the business.

I would be honored, readers, if you would kindly share the link below on your social media accounts, encouraging your friends and online acquaintances to do the same.

Here it is: Slingers Kickstarter

And if you’re interested in baby slings, bitchin embroidery patches, and super awesome durable tote bags, take a boo through the rewards for backers! I’m trying to raise $5000.00 in 30 days, to cover start up materials, business registration, and the big one is insurance due to the nature of the business.

The beauty of Kickstarter is that I get to provide my backers with awesome rewards, so it acts as almost a preorder device for starting businesses. Of course all of these items are limited edition, and only available in their forms to backers.

So my dears, thank you for all of the love you’ve shown me in our time together. Today I humbly ask for your help. And if there is anything I can share for you in return, let me know! I do so love pimping people’s projects!

PPP is a pretty sweet acronym. I might have to use that in the future…


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