All Natural Oil Cleansing for Beautiful Skin

Okay, so today isn’t a food recipe, so much as a life recipe. I’ve recently been introduced to the wonders of essential oils in the home, and in my internet travels researching that, I came across this very simple way to wash your face without using chemicals.

So you, too, can look like photoshop! Just kidding. You're better than that.

So you, too, can look like photoshop! Just kidding. You’re better than that.

I found this article on Wellness Mama that outlines what oil cleansing is, how it works, and what to use and do. The bottom line is, good oil will break down the bad oil, leaving your skin moisturized, healthy, and clear.

Does it sound too good to be true? I thought so too. The science makes sense, but it’s difficult to find out that you’ve been spending money on products that don’t do shit for almost 30 years. So I offered myself up to the gods of beautiful skin.

I'm so tired, yo.

I’m so tired, yo.

As of two weeks ago, I started exclusively using this method once a day in the evenings, and not using so much as a drop of soap or moisturizer or anything else on my face. I have combination skin, so I decided to use a mix that was better for the dryer side, just to be safe.


-4 1/2 tsp cold pressed organic olive oil
-1/2 tsp castor oil
-2 drops geranium essential oil

You can use whatever oil you want for scent, a lot of people use lavender if they’re doing it before bed because it has a calming effect. I like the smell of the geranium a lot, and it happened to be what I had on hand when it made this batch. It fits nicely into a Tupperware Midget!

My routine is as follows:

  1. Massage a dime sized amount of mixture into the face skin until everything is shiny and supple.
  2. Wet a very soft cloth with water as hot as you can stand, wring out and then lay back in bed with the cloth draped over your face.
  3. Relax and enjoy the scent and feel of the steamy cloth until it cools down.
  4. Use the cool moist cloth to gently wipe your face, then rinse under hot water again and repeat steps 2-3.
  5. Gently wipe your face clean of oil and relish in your fresh feeling face!
Is it sad that 7 days later I'm wearing the exact same shirt? Sunday pyjamas!

Is it sad that 7 days later I’m wearing the exact same shirt? Sunday pyjamas!

Now, the small catch here is that I am five months pregnant, so my hormones are doing abnormal stuff to my skin. My plan is to get used to this as my routine, keep my skin nice and soft, and then when I’m done being pregnant continue to have a nice looking face.

I totally changed my shirt this time.

Day 14: I totally changed my shirt this time.

So I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t particularly see a huge difference. I will say though, that one evening I forgot to do the cleansing and just went to bed, and the next morning I had a rather annoyingly painful zit on my chin. So it’s keeping me under control, that’s for sure. And my face is so freaking soft.

When this batch runs out I’m going to up the castor oil to 1/6, so I’ll do 5 tsp of olive and 1 tsp of castor, and see what kind of a difference that makes. I’ll do another two week period and let you know how it works out!

Happy faces!


Update 2016-03-28: This article and recipe as been revamped at my new DIY/Essential Oils blog, SlayingTheSkeptic!


2 thoughts on “All Natural Oil Cleansing for Beautiful Skin

  1. I use a combination of Rice Bran oil & Argan, occasionally I add Avocado oil depending if I have any in.
    I find my skin gets really dry if I don’t use the oil, and loses it’s softness/plumpness, tends to look sallow and yuk etc etc

    My skin hates the OTC expensive as fuck creams/serums etc, so I refuse to buy them lol

    • Oh I never thought of argan oil! That would be lovely. :) Yeah I’ve never used any crazy creams and stuff, but I’m finding that face scrubs and stuff just dry my skin out. The more research I do, the more I’m realizing that it’s not good for your skin to use that kind of stuff.


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