DIY Ring Sling Baby Carrier Resources

Today I kick off Fan-Fucking-Tastic Fridays with a really fun project I’m working on – ring sling baby carriers! I’ve poked around the interwebs and enjoyed reading many different tutorials and tips on these, and kind of come up with an amalgamation that works for me.

Love the print on this one!

Love the print on this one!

Here’s a list of the resources I used to make notes for my slings:

Jan Andrea at The Sleeping Baby: This tutorial is a great blend of text, pictures, and videos. Jan Andrea makes all kinds of awesome stuff to make mom’s life easier and more handmade, and her tutorial is professional and easy to follow. This tutorial uses the pleated shoulder method.

Maya Wrap: This one also has text, photos, and video. It features a shoulder cap that folds over six times and isn’t a pleat but isn’t a not-pleat, so check it out if you’re looking for unique shoulder alternatives!

The Uncoordinated Mommy: This is a super easy text and photo tutorial to get your feet wet. This is specifically for a knit fabric, so be aware that it will have some stretch. This has a very straightforward shoulder to it, with minimal folding.

Kate Surfs Parenting Blog: This tutorial is text and photo, and is my favourite to read because the author is so real and fun. This is a fairly easy one as well, and uses woven fabric. The shoulder is a simple fold over, so it naturally pleats itself when you wear it. This is not only where I order my rings, but this specific page also has a ton of links to take a boo around. There are even tutorials for slings that are no sew!

Colimacon & Cie: This is where I get my fabric, and it is the absolute best organic French twill for the price I could find. It’s beautiful fabric and specific to babywearing. You can order carriers from them, or fabric in many different colours, or off white that you can dye (using your own or their organic chemical free dyes!).

Babywearing International: This is the best resource on the internet for safe babywearing regulations and practices. Slings and carriers are only as safe as their users! Make sure to read up as much as you can about how to safely carry your baby. Most ring sling sellers have video tutorials on YouTube for safe ways to carry your baby in different ways.

Dads like these too!

Dads like these too!

So here is my list of materials:

-2 m x 75 cm C & C organic cotton twill in purple
-Organic cotton thread, extra strong (Mine is old, I can’t remember where I got it, but they usually run around $5.00 a spool, take a peek online!)
-Medium Sling Rings from

And my trusty sewing machine! Stay tuned for my step by step photo chronicling of me zigzagging my way through this project!


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