So Now That I’m Caught Up…

So now that I’m caught up from my list of A to Z Challenge posts, I’d like to start a regular schedule for the blog.

I know, right?

I know, right?

I really like the Monday/Wednesday/Friday routine, because it’s not too much for me but it doesn’t feel like too little for you guys. For now, here’s what I’m thinking:

Munchie Monday

Mondays are going to be all food, all the time. I figure an awesome healthy and delicious recipe is a good way to start the week off right, and then maybe none of us will feel blah’d out on Monday because we’ll be all energized up on good-for-us food.


This will be us on Mondays.

Wetlands Wednesday

I’m sure there are some of you that really miss my Wetlands posts. Actually I know for a fact that it’s only one of you, whom I don’t need to name, because he knows who he is. Anyway, we got about halfway, and I’ve been slacking, so every other Wednesday (maybe every week, depending on life) I’ll be doing another chapter of Wetlands until we’re finished.

These take a lot of time and effort to get through, most of the time because I have to stop and laugh or go ewwwww or try to find wittily sexual photos to insert into Helen’s gross situations.

Once we’re done with Wetlands I’ll have to think about something else that starts with W to do on Wednesdays.

As long as it's not blue.

As long as it’s not blue.

Fan-Fucking-Tastic Fridays

Fridays will be whatever I feel like posting. My rants, or thoughts, or whatever, as long as I’m writing something down and sharing it. Sometimes it might be a little fucked up flash fiction (fucked-up-flash-fiction Fridays?), maybe sometimes a bitch session. You’ll never know until Friday, muahahaha!


This happened.


Hubby is convinced the little squirt is giving the finger.

So I’ll have some fun baby projects to share too!

Stay tuned!



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