Whole30 Recipes – eXtremely Easy Fruit Dip

I feel like a lot of my posts are fruit-centric, but fruit is kinda the only dessert type thing we have going for us on a Whole30, so rock on!

The key to any successful change in eating habits is making food fun!

Not only delicious, but attractive.

The Whole30 frowns upon snacking, so I made sure that there is fat and protein in this dip so it can be a decadent fruity lunch!


-1 banana
-Coconut milk (or almond milk, depends on your preferred flavour)
-Raw cashews

Break the banana into chunks and toss into the blender with five or six cashews. Pour coconut milk in until it covers two thirds of the banana and nuts. Blend until smooth.

If you like a thinner dip, feel free to add more liquid, or for a thicker dip, add more cashews or a second banana. If you’re making a lot and you want a creamier dip, a half an avocado blends up really well in this mixture.

What fruit did you dunk?


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