Why Elder Scrolls Online is my Calling

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my husband and I really, really like video games.



I’ve written before about the reasons I love World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, I have been sans laptop for quite a while now since my logic board went in my Mac. I have a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV, but it’s running Lion and it only has 2 gb of ram, which makes it pretty useless for gaming. (Yes, I am aware I can add more ram, but look up how fun it is to take apart a 2008 Mac Mini. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See why I’m procrastinating?)

Anyway, I haven’t been in there in awhile, since shortly after Pandaria came out. Which I LOVED, by the way. Adorable fat Kung Fu pandas, what is essentially Pokemon, and the most extensive cooking professions yet? Was so very into it.

But alas, technology kicked me in the balls, and it’s probably a good thing because video games have this way of like, eating time.

Luckily I managed to marry a guy that loves video games as much as I do, so that he doesn’t feel ignored if I am in the mood to curl up in front of the Playstation for eight hours straight. Because he’s next to me doing the exact same thing.


A few weeks ago, we got Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4. It is delightful. It’s hard to describe the awesomeness that is this MMO. In the weeks leading up to ESO, I played a shitload of Skyrim because I couldn’t wait to get into Tamriel, and I was so stoked to see what Elder Scrolls would have in store for a full fledged MMO.

THE CRAFTING. I’m used to having to pick two professions and then quest my ass off so that I am at the right level to make stuff. In ESO, I can make as much shit as I want, AND it gives me experience points. Being able to farm skyshards for skill points allows me to level up my crafting without having to do a single quest if I want.

My main is a Wood Elf Nightblade. I did the Kharnarthi’s Roost quests, but other than that it’s been daily crafting writs, farming, and exploring, and I’m gaining levels at a rate that I don’t feel takes terribly long. It’s fucking AWESOME. It’s not even that i don’t like combat or questing, I just like to be able to pick and choose, and not have to do certain quests because I need to level.


It’s so nice to be rewarded so well for exploration as well. There are tons of exploration achievements, and they unlock dye colours so you can super customize your armour, because yes, I like to treat my characters like barbie dolls and dress them up all badass. I also have a buff on my armour that boosts exploration XP gained, so every time I discover a new area, i get even more XP. One of my favourite things about MMO’s is checking out the world.

And with graphics like this, how can you blame me?

And with graphics like this, how can you blame me?

Bethesda doesn’t fuck around when it comes to world building. But ESO really takes advantage of the PS4’s engine and goes above and beyond what even Skyrim offered. I can’t wait to get into Skyrim in ESO to see what it looks like in comparison.

Anyway. With the one exception that I would love the option of an overhead map in the top right hand corner of my screen, ESO is the perfect MMO. You should go get it. Right fucking now.

I had far too much fun looking up Elder Scrolls memes.

I had far too much fun looking up Elder Scrolls memes.



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