Out of the Cafe Crocheter

I had to take down my Cafe Crocheter tab, mostly because the cafe I used to crochet in is now gone.

textsfrommoss.tumblr.com is my new favourite place on the internet.

textsfrommoss.tumblr.com is my new favourite place on the internet.

I also have not been as avidly crocheting as I used to, which means I haven’t been as active in the pattern community, which means I don’t have any new fun patterns or links to share. So poo on me.

The good news is that I’m going to be doing all kinds of other crafting, and you bet your ass I’ll be sharing all of my projects. Some of them crochet, some sewing, lots of interior decorating. Once I get a few posts going, I’ll add a tab up top specifically for crafting, so keep an eye out for that!

Below is the content of the Cafe Crocheter page, just in case anyone wanted to use the information contained there.



From January 29th, 2014:

So, it looks like I’m a crochet addict. I love it, and thus want to share it with the world. So this will be my hub for all things crochet, be it patterns or tutorials I find, pictures of things I’ve made, and in the future, my own patterns or tutorials on things that I create myself!

Why Cafe Crocheter?

On my days off, I hang out in cafes and crochet. Yarn crafts and coffee, yo. I needed a name for this hub so that I would have a hashtag for my crochet tweets and instagram.

My Instagram posts to my Twitter, and my Twitter posts to my facebook, so you really can’t escape me. Muahahaha!

Classes and Donations

I’d also like to share this information on Portage in Elora, which is a non-profit rehabilitation centre for teens. Since I learned to crochet, I’ve been sending packages of scarves, hats, and gloves because a lot of them don’t have winterwear. Click that link to donate or volunteer at Portage, or if you’d like to send some winterwear I’d be happy to add it to my next care package! Comment below and I’ll get in touch with you!

The newly born Fergus/Elora Crochet Club is meeting at Bungalow 55 in Elora, where I’m teaching people how to crochet. This is a free class, and to fund booking the Bungalow 55 common room for this purpose I’m hoping to sell some of my crochet creations! More news on this as I make more stuff.

Fergus/Elora Crochet Club Facebook Group

My Favourite Internet Crocheters
(This list is sure to grow as time goes on!)

Crochet Geek – This is where I first learned to crochet. This woman is awesome, her tutorials are easy to follow, and she has great stage presence. She’s got some really cool patterns, I did my slouchy hat from one of her videos, and have watched all of her tutorials on basic stitches.

Meladora’s Creations – I absolutely love these videos. The projects are all very unique and the tutorials are straightforward and easy to follow. Also this woman has the most beautiful speaking voice, watching her YouTube tutorials is very enjoyable! I learned the angel stitch from her, and the crocodile stitch.

African Crab – This woman lives in Arizona and makes the fuzziest warmest items ever. My favourite pattern is her ‘Scoodie’, which is a crocheted hood scarf that has been a hit with the dudes in my family.

5 Reasons Why Crochet is Awesome!



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