Whole30 Recipes – Quick! Think of Something!

Yeah, I didn’t have anything on my list of recipes for Q. And its very early.


So today we’ll chat about what it’s like to dine out on a Whole30. It’s actually pretty impossible unless you know for sure what goes in to anything. Either that or just stick to bland things that you know are whole, like plain potatoes or chicken wings. But that sucks, right?

A lot of restaurants have nutritional information and ingredients listed on their web sites, so it’s always good to check ahead and that way make an informed decision on what you can eat. I never want to be that annoying customer that asks what is in everything only to pout when the things I want aren’t compliant. It’s not nice to the server or the other people that person has to serve.

So a little research is required. Unless you’re going somewhere with a straightforward menu. I only went out twice during my Whole30. Once was McDonalds, because hubby was hungry and we were out of town, and I sat in there and munched on carrot sticks and cucumber from my purse while he mowed down a big mac. Technically fries are Whole30 compliant because of white potatoes, but I don’t delude myself that McDonald’s fries are actually food.

The second time I was invited to a sushi place with some friends, and that actually worked out really well. We got a boat for the four of us to split, and I made sure to warn everyone that I couldn’t eat the rice. So we got a boat that was heavy on sashimi, and I ate just fish and ginger with no rice or sauce. It was delightful, and I was the only one who didn’t feel uncomfortably full or tired afterward.

So it’s totally possible to eat out with a little research (and some munchies stashed in your bag). But it’s much more fun to have friends over to your place to make a delicious Whole30 compliant meal without even telling them. ;) There’s a whole section in It Starts With Food about fancy dining, and how even on the Whole30 you can still enjoy the high life and entertain friends.

Go, enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Whole30 Recipes – Quick! Think of Something!

  1. Hey lady, I’ve nominated you for a Black Wolf Blogger Award, check it out on my homepage! :) Keep up the good work and writing and digging life!!!


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