Whole30 Recipes – Loaded Coffee

In this post, we get into the Whole30 secret weapon for energetic, satisfied and productive mornings.


The idea for this recipe stems from Bulletproof Coffee, invented by a gentleman after he experienced yak butter tea in Tibet. Essentially the idea is that you add high quality organic butter to a medium roast coffee along with MCT oil, an extract of coconut oil that gives you just the medium chain triglycerides, which is where the most efficient energy source is. These three ingredients blended up produce a frothy delicious breakfast that will keep you going all morning.

It actually can keep you going until about 2:00 in the afternoon, as I proved when I did a 30 day Bulletproof Coffee challenge. You can read about my endeavors with that here. All in all, as much as it did give me lots of energy, I don’t like not eating, and my body didn’t particularly like it either. This is what I love about the Whole30. It encourages EATING, just eating well.

In the first week of my Whole30, I was starving to death between breakfast and lunch. I’m exaggerating, but it was awful. I was a snacker, and I wasn’t a breakfast eater. So making the change was hard. I needed to add more satisfaction to my breakfast so that I wouldn’t be craving anything before lunchtime.

Ding! What about adding healthy fat and energy to my morning cup of joe? Two tablespoons of clarified butter, Two tablespoons of organic coconut oil (full flavour for me, but feel free to use the unflavoured stuff if you’re not partial to coconut), into the blender with my fresh ground fair trade organic columbian/sumatran blend coffee.

It was heaven. I’d forgotten how delicious and frothy and creamy and delicious it was. And I’ll tell you, as someone who enjoys lattes and wasn’t able to have dairy or sugar, it was the next best thing. Having one every day with my breakfast was awesome, and I started to get creative. Try this:

-1 fresh cup of fair trade organic coffee (I like a 1/3 medium-2/3 dark roast)
-2 tablespoons clarified butter
-1 heaping tablespoon coconut oil
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1/2 tsp nutmeg
-1/2 tsp allspice

Blend on low and enjoy a healthy pumpkin spice coffee!

You can swap in all kinds of spices this way to keep your cup interesting. That was my favourite but straight cinnamon is good, turmeric adds an interesting twist, cocoa turns it into a decadent treat, and a little bit of hot chili powder can give it a bit of a kick that is surprisingly delightful.

Load up your coffee and arm yourself for the day!



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