Whole30 Recipes – I Love Bacon

When I first heard about the Whole30, I was all ‘nope, dieting sucks, get away from me’, but my friend was adamant that it’s not a diet, and you get to eat bacon.

This piqued my interest. An eating regiment that RECOMMENDS bacon? My interest was piqued.


I have a serious heart on for bacon. Because I love it. See what I did there? Shut up, it’s early. I schedule these posts so they actually get written at 5:45am. Whoo hoo.

Now, the Whole30 makes it very clear that you can have as much meat as you want, but to make sure as much as possible that it is organic, grass-fed, hormone free, as natural as possible meat. And if you are going to buy meat at the grocery store, CHECK THE LABEL. Did you know that bacon has a bunch of random ingredients in it? They can’t just slice up meat and salt it, they have to put fucking chemicals in there. It took me four grocery stores before I found bacon without any sugar in it. And it was super expensive.

I think for my next Whole30 I’m going to hook up with a farm and exclusively get all of my meat from there. Supporting local farmers and getting the best of the best healthy meat.

Anyway, it’s important to get good bacon. There is all kind of garbage stored in the fat of non-organic animals, and because bacon is such a fatty cut of meat, it’s extra bad. But healthy, grass fed fresh organic bacon can actually be really good for you. And the drippings can be saved for later use, which is doubly handy. You’ll have a lineup of different cooking fats in no time!

So, uses for bacon in your Whole30. Bacon and eggs are obviously in as a great breakfast, or as I mentioned in my previous post, bacon works great in sweet potato hash. But did you know that vegetables are delicious wrapped in bacon? My favourite is asparagus, wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with homemade montreal steak spice. YUM.

Certain fruits are also really good with bacon. My favourite is cantaloupe or honeydew melon, wrapped up and baked in the oven. Also, adding some apples and cashews to frying bacon is a delightful treat.

Of course, there’s always the trusty wrapping meat with bacon. This works with absolutely any meat or fish. With chicken, I like to smother the bacon with coarse cracked pepper and then shove it under the skin of the chicken, so that when baking the skin gets a nice crispiness. Then the inside meat gets the tenderness from the fat.

It seems redundant, but pork mediallions are awesome with a blanket of bacon. I find pork chops a little dry sometimes, so the easiest remedy is a healthy spinkling of sea salt and a coat made out of sweet sweet bacon.

As for fish, the absolute best bacon wrapped seafood is scallops. You can bake em, fry em, cook em in a Whole30-compliant cream sauce, oh man they’re so good I’m salivating.

Anyway. Bacon good. Enjoy it guilt free during your Whole30!



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