Whole30 Recipes – Sweet Potato Hash

Here is where I’m starting to take some liberties with my letters. Hash starts with H!


Sweet potatoes. Nature’s candy. Seriously. So freaking delicious. On the Whole30, white potatoes are allowed, but sweet potatoes are encouraged. They have loads more vitamins and minerals than their white cousins. And in my opinion, they’re much more delicious.

During my Whole30, I took it upon myself to do everything I would normally do with white potatoes but swap them out with sweet potatoes. The results were that it’s possible, and makes things even more exciting for the tastebuds.

But my very, very favourite was my sweet potato hash. I am a huge fan of breakfast hash, no matter what the type. There was this little cafe downtown that used to do breakfast, and the chef had this corned beef hash special that I seriously dream about sometimes, it was so good. I love a bunch of random breakfasty things in a skillet, it’s genius, it’s easy, and it’s such a satisfying way to start the day.

So I set out to make an awesome Whole30 friendly hash, which was pretty easy because all I had to omit was the cheese.

Here’s the basic formula for my hash recipes:

-Olive oil (or clarified butter, depended on my mood)
-Coarsely chopped white onion
-Coarsely chopped garlic
-Cubed sweet potato
-Fresh chives
-Chopped fresh basil
-Sea salt and pepper
-Some type of greens (usually red or white chard, or spinach)
-Meat (Whatever is on hand, usually leftovers from the night before)
-2-3 eggs

So you want to stir fry the onions and garlic in your chosen fat over medium heat. As they’re getting softer, sprinkle with chives, basil, paprika, salt and pepper. I’m Hungarian, so I put paprika on everything, and I’m extremely generous with it. As a general rule, if something starts with onions, they’d better be orange by the time you add anything to it.

If you’re cooking raw meat into your hash, add it to the skillet at this stage when the onions are translucent. Brown the outsides of the meat before the next step.

Add the sweet potato chunks. I like to reduce the heat to medium low and let them simmer away, stirring occasionally. I also like to retain a little bit of crunch to them, so use your discretion. If you want the potatoes to be mushy, keep the heat low and cook them for longer. If you want your carrots and celery to be soft, then you can add them with the potatoes.

If you’re like me, and want some crunch to your breakfast, you can wait and add them when the potatoes are done.

Once the potatoes are almost at their desired doneness, I add the celery and carrots and greens, and stir fry over medium heat. Once the greens have a nice oily and soft texture, you’re in the home stretch.

If you’re using precooked meat, this would be the stage to add it, just to warm it up a bit with the rest of the dish. I think my favourite hash over my Whole30 was when I used some of my leftover duck. Seriously good for EVERYTHING.

The last step is to beat 2-3 eggs in a bowl and then pour it into the skillet. Scramble everything as if you were making scrambled eggs, and watch the magic happen.

Once your delicious hash is properly coated in delightful browned egg, it’s ready to go. For non-Whole30-ers, this would be the part where you drown it in grated cheese. ;)

As an aside, swapping out the meat for nuts works really well, or adding sunflower seeds for a bit of added crunch is also really good too.

Enjoy your breakfast!



4 thoughts on “Whole30 Recipes – Sweet Potato Hash

  1. Your sweet potato hash sounds good, but I’m not sure I could eat it for breakfast. As a rule I need to have been out walking for an hour or so before I can tackle anything that substantial for breakfast.
    All your recipes sound good. I was drooling reading about the slow cooked duck. Yum yum.

  2. Oh my! Sweet Potato’s are the love of my life. Your recipe sounds delicious. I can eat it any time, morning, noon, night. I going to try this. My mouth is watering right now. Blessings.


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