Whole30 Recipes – Fried Apples

I am super excited about this post, you guys.


Early into my first Whole30, I did a lot of searching for good breakfast recipes. I love breakfast, but I’m also a snacker, so I knew I’d have to be doing some serious breakfasts to keep me from wanting to munch all morning. Then I found it. The single greatest idea for a well balanced breakfast.

Fried ground pork with apples. Delicious, fatty pork slowly fried covered in cinnamon, with chopped up red delicious apples and crushed cashews. My brain exploded a little bit, and I rushed off to try it. It definitely lived up to my expectations, and I’ve been adding applies to fried dishes ever since.

I’m no stranger to fruit in savoury things. I love adding apples, berries, or oranges to my salads. Or peaches, pears, or pineapple to a roast or ham. But this was whole new territory for me. And it is fucking delightful.

Before we go any further, here’s the basic guideline for that dish:

-Your breakfast portion of ground meat (pork is my fave)
-1 apple, chopped into bite sized pieces
-A good sprinkling of cinnamon
-Cashews or almonds, if desired

*NOTE: Always make sure when stir frying meat and anything else that you brown the outside of the meat before adding any other food! This will ensure that you’re killing any bacteria on the outside of the meat. Food safety!

I’ll wait while you trot off to make this for yourself, because it’s hard to resist, I know.

Back? Is it simmering? Does it smell like pig fat and and apple pie in your house? Good!

Apples make an amazing addition to so many fried dishes, it’s insane. I made pork chops one night, lightly seasoned and baked, with some roasted veggies on the side. I had one leftover the next morning, and I was lamenting the fact that pork chops are SO good with applesauce, but of course I can’t have sugary applesauce. Then a lightbulb went off over my head.


I chopped up those pork chops, and stir fried them in a pan with apples and a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper. It was so good I may have woken up the neighbors with my moaning. And I gotta say, frying up fresh apples is so much more delicious than storebought applesauce. Realistically, I could have just made my own applesauce sans sugar, but having that little bit of crunchiness makes my mouth happy.

One night, I decided to fry up some swiss chard with olive oil and mild spices so I could throw in some of my leftover duck and have a charduck stir fry extravaganza. I thought it could use some sweetness, so in went some crisp chunks of spartan apple!


I really should have taken pictures of all of my food, but it seems like I only have pictures kicking around of the pretty stuff. Hindsight, yo. I guess I’ll just have to remake some of this stuff.

So. Your fried pork and apple cinnamon delight is probably ready to eat, so I’ll let you go. An apple a day keeps the boredom away!




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