Whole30 Recipes – Coconut Milk

Today’s post is a little later in the day, but I was traveling throughout the afternoon. Hubby and I are dog sitting for the inlaws at their cottage, so it’s a nice little escape for easter weekend. Also we’re quitting smoking again, which means I’m probably going to be on another Whole30 by the morning to distract myself. ;)


So, coconut milk. I lived all 28 years of my life not knowing that coconut milk was delicious. Seriously. I don’t particularly like coconut flakes so I never bothered to try coconut milk. It is so fucking good.

Make sure to read the ingredients on canned coconut milk to make sure that there aren’t any Whole30-illegal ingredients, because packaged things tend to have sneaky sugars and preservatives. Finding a good organic canned coconut milk might be a bit of a challenge, but oh so worth it.

I had a little sip upon opening the can, and damn near chugged the whole thing. It was a sweet surprise. And I was floored that I’d never discovered it before.

So I started putting it in everything.

Coconut milk will add thickness and depth to pretty much any stir fry if you want to sauce it up a little. After frying your meat and veggies with spices, add a few tablespoons of coconut milk for a delightful twist.

Blending up almonds or cashews with a bit of coconut milk instead of water will give you a tasty and sweet little treat for a healthy snack or dessert alternative. Also, if you use double the amount of coconut milk to nuts, you will end up with a thicker substance that works really well as a salad dressing base. Cashews are exceptionally good for this because they’re soft and oily. Adding a few spices such as cumin, paprika, or chives will make for a pretty decent veggie dip or salad dressing.

My very favourite breakfast or lunch when I was craving something sweet was sliced up bananas and strawberries drizzled with coconut milk. Be forewarned, this is extremely addictive. I’m drooling right now just thinking about it.

Try this smoothie – one quarter cranberries, one quarter blueberries, one quarter coconut milk, and filled with water to the desired thinness. Just covering the berries will net an extremely tangy treat that will trick you into thinking it’s frozen yogurt. Adding more water will thin it out, giving the same delightful zing but a consistency that can be easily consumed through a straw.

After opening a can, I dump it into a container (a Tupperware quick shake, to be exact) and put it in the fridge. Pretty much every time I pass the fridge I take a swig. Yummay.

What are your favourite recipes using coconut milk?



4 thoughts on “Whole30 Recipes – Coconut Milk

  1. Ah, now coconut milk I do know about! I use it to make soap with, it makes it so mild & bubbly, although sadly the aroma gets eaten in the process of turning the oils etc into soap.
    I also use it in sorbets to make them a little denser, and it works incredibly well :)

  2. I use coconut milk in my smoothie. I make my own mayonnaise and add coconut milk and spices and make my version of ranch dressing. Yesterday I mixed coconut milk in when I cooked my corn. I’m coming back to read more of your blogs because I’m interested in more of your recipes and tips.


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