Whole30 Recipes – Baby Potato Salad

Hello and welcome to day two of the A to Z Challenge of Whole30 friendly foods!


Around the middle of my Whole30, I had bought a good sized bag of baby white potatoes. White potatoes are Whole30 friendly, but they do say to try to use sweet potatoes as much as possible instead. Also, no french fries of course. But I do love potatoes, so I’d bought them, but hadn’t used them yet.

I decided to steam the whole lot of them in my Tupperware SmartSteamer (if you’ve never seen one of these, book a Tupperware party immediately, it’s one of the best gadgets in my kitchen!) to go alongside some pork chops. I couldn’t eat them all, so into the fridge they went.

The next morning, I was trying to figure out what to make for lunch, and a lightbulb went off over my head. Potato salad! I’d made my own olive oil mayonnaise from the recipe straight out of the Whole30 bible, It Starts With Food, so I knew I could probably whip up something pretty kickass.

The potatoes were in a pretty deep container, so here’s what I dumped on top of them:

-A generous dollop of olive oil mayo
-Sea salt and fresh ground pepper
-Chopped fresh chives
-Spinkling of lemon Juice
-1 mashed hard boiled egg

Sorry there aren’t any measurements, but that’s just how I roll. Also much of this is to taste.

I stirred it around with a fork and then put the lid on and shook it like my life depended on it. I brought it to work and let the flavours mix and set until noon, and then ate the most delicious potato salad I’ve ever eaten in my life. My coworkers were making fun of me because I was moaning as I ate it.

Definitely a sound experiment, I must say.



5 thoughts on “Whole30 Recipes – Baby Potato Salad

    • Enjoying food is essential to enjoying life! :) There are so many ways to make delicious things healthier, and then there aren’t any worries about quantity!


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