Magic the Awesomeness

A few months back, my husband (husband! Hee!) started playing Magic The Gathering. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a card game. It’s like crazy eights, except you build your own deck of creatures and spells and you try to sap your opponent’s life total and it’s nothing at all like crazy eights.

I wish this actually existed. I would build a roundhouse kick deck.

I wish this actually existed. I would build a roundhouse kick deck.

Anyway, he was playing with one of our friends, bought some cards, and in that purchase, got the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck pack. I wanted to learn how to play, and he handed me the green/black Vraska deck. I had no idea what I was doing except ‘KILL ALL FLYING!’ but it was addiction at first hand. I went through all of his extra cards and pulled out all of the green spells that killed flying creatures (I’m looking at you, Plummet) and discovered the wonders of reach and deathtouch.

I won a few times, tweaked my deck, and we started to collect more cards. Eventually we had a bunch of giant decks that we only half knew how to use. My bestie’s brother, who has been playing for years, started bringing his decks down so that we could trick said bestie into playing with us while drunk. Her fiance liked Magic too, and soon enough the five of us were kicking the crap out of each other on Thursday nights.

I learned a lot about deck building playing with our experienced friend. Namely that I sucked at it. I started realizing that I needed to narrow my focus, build smaller decks that had purpose in which the cards really worked together. But we needed more cards.


I bet this guy has like the most Magic cards ever, and he will still never have enough cards. It’s like chasing the dragon. Only healthier. I think.

Just before the 2015 Core Set released, our experienced friend asked if we all wanted to pitch 25 bucks and do a draft. We did, very much, so we went and grabbed a box first thing in the morning and kicked my hungover bestie and her fiance out of bed, and started our draft. It was fun, lucrative, and by the end of it, everyone had a pretty awesome deck with some bitchin extra cards for our collections.

Then, husband (husband! :D) and I discovered the wonder that is Moz Magic. A lovely gentleman named Remo (so hard not to put Williams after that), or Mo, started this awesome Magic shop in a garage on his property, and he has so much awesome shit I can’t even deal when I walk in there. Needless to say, we spent some dough and came home with all kinds of awesome stuff.

It was nice too to grab some boxes of the expansion sets and see how they actually work together. We got some dual coloured prerelease Return to Ravnica sets and I built a seriously bitchin green/white token deck out of it. I managed to beat Jay’s (husband! Woot!) red/blue, slowly of course because fuck blue.

In any case, it’s a lot of fun, from choosing what packs to buy to opening them to see what you get, to sorting and deck building and playing and tweaking and building and buying and sorting and building and playing. Sigh.






6 thoughts on “Magic the Awesomeness

  1. EmeraldD says:

    I was thiiisss close to beating kyles blue mill deck the other day, literally one turn away and we had to call Bj for emergency assistance lol


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