Save Gaga

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love a good conspiracy theory. They’re fun to explore, some because there are lots of facts that make you think, and others entertain through their sheer absurdity. I’ve come across one that is officially my favourite, and I want to talk about it because another thing that I love is Lady Gaga.

The symbolism here is that boobies and meat are awesome.

The symbolism here is that boobies and meat are awesome.

“But Caitlin,” you say. “She’s so weird!” Yes, she is, and that is why I love her. Her music is fun, she makes trippy music videos, she wears wacky outfits, and does things like this. There are a lot of fucked up role models for young women in the world today, but Gaga spreads the message to love yourself and show love to everyone else. Sigh. She’s awesome.

Sometimes she even looks human.

Sometimes she even looks human.

Anyway. Back to conspiracy theories.

Apparently, Lady Gaga is a brainwashed Illuminati puppet whose role is to distract us while Satan takes over the world.

Honestly, just google Gaga + Illuminati and there is so much material on this and other pop stars it is hilarious.

Omg symbolism you guyz lol YOLO

Omg symbolism you guyz lol YOLO

The main thing is that people are dissecting her music videos. On the surface, listening to Bad Romance, Telephone, or Paparazzi, I think, yeah, it’s catchy, normal pop song stuff. But then I started watching her music videos, and I was more than a little confused. I actually had to google what the fuck the Telephone video meant, and that’s how I discovered this whole conspiracy theory in the first place.

Dressed in American flags dancing over dead people making Satanic symbols. Subtlety!

Dressed in American flags dancing over dead people making Satanic symbols. Subtlety!

And I’ll admit, that while watching her videos, particularly those three, I can see the ‘signs’. She makes the all-seeing eye symbols, and a lot of the imagery suggests that she’s some sort of puppet. I originally thought that Paparazzi was a metaphor for being a puppet to the public, but apparently no, she’s been brainwashed into marrying Lucifer (who is pretty hot in Bad Romance, btw).

Now, while all of this is interesting to think about, my question is: If Gaga was brainwashed by the Illuminati, when why would they be letting her drop such obvious hints in her music videos? Isn’t the point to dupe the public so we’re nice and distracted while the Satanists take over the world? Also, good luck with that. Get in line with every other religion that tries to convert people.

Also, from what I’ve read and seen of Gaga, not only is she a rather intelligent human being, but she also really really likes being famous. Early on, she compared herself to Tinkerbell, saying that “If you don’t clap for me, I’ll die.” So, if you put two and two together, is it not possible that she made these crazy videos and put all of those little hints in there as a publicity stunt? So that there would be a shit ton of people talking about her, studying the videos, and sharing their findings with the world?

Or maybe she is actually a Satanist. Even if she is, she’s still a super nice person. I don’t discriminate when it comes to religion. She’s not throwing it in anyone’s face, nor is she being a shitty person. She’s an entertainer, but she also tries to empower people and spreads a message of love an acceptance. If that’s what Satanists do, then that’s a pretty awesome religion.

One more thing. If the Illuminati did capture her and brainwash her and force her to marry Lucifer against her will… shouldn’t we be trying to save her instead of condemning her?


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