Locavore Wedding

So I wanted to give a shout out to all of the awesome places that Jay and I used for the wedding. Long story short, we decided to get married, booked city hall, and hunted around for local places to make us look pretty for our special day.

First off, I needed a dress. I went to the only place I knew I would find one, Ephiphany in Elora. My mom got two dresses that day, and I fell in love with a beautiful skirt, but was being overly picky in the style of shirt I wanted to go with it.

Emerald and I hunted all over the place for a top and shoes, but to no avail. We ended up at Stone Road Mall, and lo and behold, Fairweather was having a huge sale and had an entire wall of white dresses. I wasn’t out to go white, but I found the perfect one! So dress, check.

Next I needed white shoes. They were nowhere to be found. Nobody had white at all. One of my lovely customers suggested checking Shoevilla in Elora, where I found so many amazing shoes! Seriously I could have bought eight pairs of shoes in there, and I am super picky with shoes.

Super hella cute? YES!

Super hella cute? YES!

I went with Mane Stage in Fergus for my hair. I wanted hair and makeup done under the same roof, and they’re the only hair salon that offers that in the area. Aside from that, just talking to those girls was awesome. They made me feel so special and beautiful, we had a blast!

Orchid made especially for my hair by Wendy!

Orchid made especially for my hair by Wendy!

The gorgeous orchid was courtesy of WR Designs in Fergus, Wendy is a genius with flowers!

Mane Stage makeup!

The makeup even held after all the crying I did during the ceremony!

Jay got his hair and beard done at the Fergus Barbershop by Jackie, who did a beautiful job. And his suit got tailored at Sew What?! by Shannon! All told, we looked like this:

That white sweater was my mom's from Fergus Fashion (RIP, Fergus Fashion!)

That white sweater was my mom’s from Fergus Fashion (RIP, Fergus Fashion!)

And right after we got married, we went across the street where Brian put our rings on:

And then we finished at Borealis for dinner, where the food is local and the staff was amazing. They even gave Jay and I a gift card to say congratulations on our wedding. As if we need an excuse to go back there, the food was fantastic.

And now we’re married. :D Woot woot!




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