Dyeing Hairtensity Hair Extensions with Ion Colour Brilliance

(My last A to Z post is coming! I’m saving it for a special topic!)

So I was researching yesterday like crazy to find out if I could dye Sally’s Hairtensity extensions with the Ion Colour Brilliance Brights semi-permanent hair colour. I know that synthetic hair won’t take to hair dye, in some cases the chemicals will even melt the fibers. But Hairtensity is a blend of human and premium synthetic, and semi permanent dye has no harsh chemicals in it.

I searched for hours and all I could find were people asking if anyone’s done it before they would try it. So I said ‘fuck it’ and tried it. I got the 22″ extensions for 50 bucks and it comes with a ton of hair. I cut the weave into twelve two inch sections, folded them over and sewed them onto clips. I still have about six inches of weave left. I specifically bought them to dye them fun colours and add embellishments to my hair.

Oh, and anyone wondering about curling them? This was done at 280 degrees six days ago and still looks like this:


So curling definitely works!

I picked a rose colour and saturated four clips worth of extensions in foil.


I rolled up the foil and let it process for twenty minutes at room temperature, no heat. I rinsed them in ice cold water and lubed each piece with a quarter sized dollop of conditioner (Balea).

I rinsed and hung them up to dry and they looked pretty scraggly, but so does my hair when I dye it so I wasn’t too worried.


I slathered them with Argan oil and left them overnight to dry.

This morning I gently combed them from tip to root with a fine tooth comb, and this is what they look like:


They’re beautiful! Soft, shiny, pink, and still useable. There are a few strands throughout that didn’t take, I assume those are synthetic strands, but it looks cool and I’m impressed with the ratio of human to synthetic. They look and feel awesome.

So, in conclusion, yes you can dye Hairtensity extensions with semi permanent dye. These are cheap and great for using as clip ins. I personally would get 100% human hair if I was doing my whole head, but to have some cool clip ins for extra fun hair and taking it in and out, I recommend these!


16 thoughts on “Dyeing Hairtensity Hair Extensions with Ion Colour Brilliance

  1. This Non-Cook says:

    I tried doing this with another brand of semi perm dye but none of hair pieces I cut up and sewed together worked! I’m going to try it leave it on longer on a new stand. Wish me luck!

  2. Mercedez says:

    I’m so nervous…I have a whole blonde wig that’s mixed with human and synthetic hair strands that I can flat iron with 300 degrees…I bought the same rose ion rinse. How do u think it’ll take?

      • Victoria says:

        I want to have Ginger extensions but my hair & the extensions would be two different colors if I bought blonde so do you think the ion color would work on brown extensions ?

        • Depends on the colour, I wouldn’t recommend anything light because it won’t show up. You’d have to bleach, but I don’t think the synthetic hair would do very well with bleaching. :$

  3. Fawn says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! These were the exact hair extensions, dye and dye color that I had the same question about! Thanks for taking the leap and posting your results! I’m going to try this myself today! :)

  4. Cassandra Elise says:

    So happy I stumbled upon this post. I’m gonna try and do the same but with blue. I’ll post resuslts once it’s done and am going to follow the same steps you but, because it is a darker color (blue) I’m shooting for I might leave them to satuarte over night with the dye and coconut oil. Thoughts?

  5. Georgia says:

    Thank you so much! I accidently bleached my hair too much and it thinned my hair :( so I immediately went to get extentions to cover up the damage. This article helped so much! It was my first time trying this so I was nervous. They look great so far :) I’m just waiting for them to dry. I would definitely recommend leaving the dye in longer than 20 minutes though.

    • Glad to help! It depends on the dye, conditioner based ones like Ion and Manic Panic are fine to leave in for as long as you need, permanent dyes will damage the extensions.

  6. Hi! I saw a video in which a lady used a popular semi-permanent blue dye (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-9co9xXfrM) and it worked pretty well for her, with some color transfer. The hair I want to dye is heat resistant and synthetic, but I don’t like the mess or lack of color control that comes with typical acrylic or fabric dye. Should I try a semi-permanent with the synthetic hair?

    • It wouldn’t hurt to try, but I don’t know how well it will actually take! But semi permanent conditioner based dyes don’t hurt synthetic hair so play around! If you’re going for blue I’ve seen people use permanent markers (like sharpies) on synthetic hair.


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