Warning: NSFW


His fingertips leave trails of wildfire as they run up her thighs, a slow teasing pace that stop just short of where she wants them to end up.

Her lips part in a sigh of need and he chuckles lightly as his lips flutter across her knee.

Their eyes lock as he trails his tongue up her inner thigh and the air is electric between them. He admires the way her breasts rise and fall in ragged bursts.

“You’re killing me…” She moans, her silky voice making his cock even more unbearably hard than it already was.

He trails kisses up her abdomen and slides himself into her wet heat effortlessly, groaning with euphoria as he takes a rock hard nipple into his mouth. She clutches his shoulders and wraps her legs around his hips, driving him deep into her, and they revel in the delicious connection of him being buried in her.


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