For the record, this is what my hair looks like at four in the morning.


Also what the bags under my eyes look like apparently, lol! Just thought I’d share that with you guys, considering my profile pic is a result of an hour and a half of makeup. ;)

Anyway. The title of this post is xaphanea, which has been my online handle since 2002. I was in high school, and social media wasn’t a very big thing yet. (Thank god, I feel for teenagers in the Facebook generation!) I was active on DeviantArt, FanFiction.net, and of course, MSN Messenger. I wanted a handle that was unique, that I didn’t have to use numbers with.

I had recently read the His Dark Materials books (so sad they’re not finishing those movies!) and in the third book there is an angel named Xaphania. Pretty, right? I figured others would be using it too so I changed the I to an E, and have been using that handle ever since.

Nowadays everything connects with Facebook so often you see more names than handles, but when I need an alter ego it’s nice to have one that is consistent and easy to find. When I google ‘xaphanea’ it’s all of my shit that comes up. Sometimes embarrassingly so, because all of my fanfiction from my teen years is totally still there.

What about you? Do you have an alterego? Or did you have some hilarious ones when you were younger?

Fun Fact: My very first IRC chat handle at twelve years old was LeoLuv22!


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