Imagine, if you will, a world without borders. No continents, countries, counties or towns.

No city limits, no townships, no guards or customs or passports.

Just community. Helping each other, trading needed things for needed things without money.

No greed or power lust, just people crafting and growing things and cooking and learning and sharing.

People travel to give and receive gifts and sightsee and share their culture with one another respectfully and without offense.

And culture has nothing to do with religion. Because there is no religion. Strip down to the barest of every religion and there is just one belief, and that is to love one another and be a good person. That is all that is needed for everyone to live in harmony.

No anger, no war, no tragedy, no prejudice, no distrust. Just living, and living happily and safely no matter where we travel.

That’s my utopia.

Also aliens. :)


11 thoughts on “Utopia

  1. EmeraldD says:

    Of course aliens, you gotta have aliens. Basically you want to live in star trek, me too. We need to acquire a private island, we’ll call it Craftopia!

  2. Hi from the A to Z challenge! Well, obviously there must be aliens, what kind of utopia would it be without them?! It sounds so lovely.

  3. I’ve got a feeling that aliens take a look at us and go “Nah, we’re not going there. Look at the state of the people who live there. They’re nightmarish.” Of course, I could be wrong. That nice ET hung around for a while, didn’t he? (That was a true story, wasn’t it?)

    I think I’ve been doing this A to Z Challenge thing too long.


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