I Don’t ‘Get’ The Tunisian Stitch


Before I start, I’d like to say that I have officially mastered blogging from my phone. Which is sweet because I can finally properly and comfortably blog from anywhere. Which means I will finally be regular with the Challenge. Of course there’s only a week left now, but hopefully I’ll be better now posting regularly after the challenge. Yay!

Anyway, this fucking Tunisian stitch.


That is a special crochet hook for the special crochet stitch, the Tunisian stitch, also known as the afghan stitch. I’ve been calling it Critting, because it’s very much a cross between crochet and knitting. You chain, then cast on through the chains…


Then cast off through the chains…


And it starts to look pretty cool! Also it’s fun! Yay!

Not quite.

You cast on back through the posts, and it starts to actually look really boring.


Pictured above: Awesome ass yarn looking boring as fuck. And the back looks just like a knit! Which blows. If I wanted a boring knit instead of beautiful half double crochets and crocodile stitches and gorgeous shells I would get a pair of fucking knitting needles.


Above: Boring ass knit stitches in the back. Also, see that curl? It does that! Who wants a scarf or blanket that curls up tight and doesn’t drape nicely?

So I thought, there’s gotta be some different stitches that I can use this thing for. And behold! The honeycomb stitch! This sounds promising!


Oh nay nay.

Cooler than the simple stitch, yes. But still just a knit/purl that looks too busy. Still somehow wrecks this beautiful yarn.

So, I really don’t get this whole Tunisian crochet thing. I like the freedom and speed of crocheting things with pretty stitches and in cool shapes. I did find this shell stitch that is kinda pretty, but it takes so long to cast on!


So if any of my lovely readers have thoughts and/or links for me on this, please send them my way! I enjoy the fluidity of using this stitch, but I’m not so much enjoying the results. Help!


5 thoughts on “I Don’t ‘Get’ The Tunisian Stitch

    • Yes! I used to knit when I was a kid, and I never finished anything because it took so long. I find crochet so much more free form and motivated! :)

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