Rollin With The Homies

I’m getting a bike!

Nothing fancy, something secondhand, and imma be biking to work and back. It’s a little bit of a jaunt, about a ten minute drive between towns. Once I get it I’ll have to bike over on my day off to see exactly how long it takes, but I’m pumped.

It’s probably going to suck balls having to get up earlier and then bike all the way home after a twelve hour shift, but I’m imagining how awesome my ass is going to look in the fall. Also health and stuff.

I hate working out. I hate it so fucking much. So I figure if I have to bike as transportation it’ll give me incentive.

Also, tomorrow’s post will be pushed to Wednesday, because for S I’m doing a post on an awesome store in Elora and it’s closed Tuesdays. And I want to add pictures of all of the wonderful things inside.

Til then!


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