This is my dog.



Yeah, she’s adorable. Her name is Izzy, and she’s a Tiny Toy Poodle, weighing in at a whopping 4.5 lbs. She’s four years old.


People are often prejudiced against small dogs. They think they’re yippy and annoying and don’t act like dogs. But, like every other breed, if you train them properly, they’re awesome.

Izzy definitely acts like a dog. She’s not yappy, though she does scream in excitement when I come home from work. She’s smart, she’s sweet, and loves to do whatever I’m doing at the time. She’s content to lay on the couch with me all day or walk all over town, as long as we’re together.


Toy dogs are the ultimate companion animals. Their world revolves around you, and they just want to hang out all the time. And they never get big. So they’re like puppies forever!


Also they like to climb in front of your phone while you’re trying to blog. :) Happy Easter everyone!


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