The big black kangaroo jumped over the red horse and screamed “hallelujah!” over his congregation of crocheted crocuses. The purple cow snorted with derision and went back to gnawing at his licorice.

Joined at the hip by a certified death defect, the monstrous Siamese dragons babble incoherently while wandering in circles. Their useless tiny bat wings flutter and wiggle, and the hornets grow angry as their attached nest vibrates.

“Lo!” says the deformed magenta marshmallow from her perch in the apple tree. Cecilius the farmer picks a rotting apple and hurls it at the mallow, connecting with a squelch and both fall to the muddy ground.

Cecilius retrieves both and returns to his favourite log, alternating bites between his two favourite delicacies as the quartet of teal suns begin to set behind the horizon.


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