Mornings Are Teh Suxx0rs

I realized as I was falling asleep that I’d forgotten to write my M post. I read a bunch of them, but my tired brain didn’t connect the dots until I was in the sweet confines of my bed.

So here I am, at 3:47 in the morning, though this probably won’t post until later because I’m writing in between getting ready for work.

I thought it would be fitting to write about how much mornings blow chunks. I used to hate getting up at all, but I’ve been doing 5am open shifts for over a year now. My normal mornings I get up at 5:30 to see my guy off to work, and one day a week we get to have no alarm and we’re usually up by 8 or 9. That’s literally sleeping in for me.

But even though I’m so used to it, and I am consistently able to be up early, 3:30am just sucks ass. It never feels good. Even if I go to bed at 7pm. It is an ungodly hour that shouldn’t exist. Blarg.


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