Tilt Yer Kilt

I think we can all agree that kilts are awesome.

I think we can all agree that kilts are awesome.

Today is Tartan Day in good old Fergus. It’s a Scottish town, that hosts Highland Games, and all sorts of Scottish themed things. One of these is Tartan Day, and it’s always fucking awesome.

My gentleman and I were out and about this morning after a long night of drinking whiskey and playing board games with our peeps, seeking coffee and sunshine. It was the first day of the season that it was warm enough for me to wear a skirt without pants underneath, so I rocked my red kilt for the occasion.

There were highland dancers outside of O’Briens, caber tossing for kids outside of the General Store, tea leaf readers in the Bookery, and a wandering pipe band that made their way up and down the sidewalks. All of the pubs had deals on beer and celtic bands doing their thing.

The beauty of things like this in Wellington County is that while we get some tourists around, the locals all participate. There are familiar faces everywhere, because these things wouldn’t be possible or be as fun unless the community is together to do it.

Also, my guy and I fed our bibliophilia by scooping up six books from the Bookery. Because we have an addiction. He is currently buried in War and Peace right now, and I’m either going to suck myself into The Stand or perhaps even write some fiction tonight. Sigh. I miss my MacBook. :( Maybe I’ll write a eulogy for it for M.

This was a long winded, very monotone post. Read it again in Napoleon Dynamite’s voice. Vote for Pedro.

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