My God Has A Bigger Dick Than Your God

Before I start this post, I wanted to let everyone know that I just realized that Blogger hasn’t been letting me actually go through with posting my comments on blogs from my phone. So all of the awesome Blogger blogs I’ve been commenting on from A-G haven’t actually posted. And that sucks balls. So for my Blogger readers, know that I was commenting, and will be going back and doing so properly so that you can actually see them. :P Also you should switch to WordPress because it’s awesome. But anyway… here’s G!

G-spot rocks the G-spot!

G-spot rocks the G-spot!

George Carlin is one of the greatest people to have ever lived. If you don’t know who George Carlin is (for shame) or you don’t agree with me (FOR SHAME!), then watch the video below. Actually even if you do agree with me, watch the video below, because it’s fucking hilarious. And very obviously NSFW.

George was famous for his controversial comedy, and the best part is that he just didn’t give a fuck. He talked about religion, society, media, and my personal favourite, euphemisms. He was offensive, angry, old, and fun as hell. This world just isn’t the same without him.

"You know what I say? FUCK THE CHILDREN!" -George Carlin

“You know what I say? FUCK THE CHILDREN!” -George Carlin

Blog Recommendation of the Day:

Cats, Coffee, and Life At Random – A fun blog by a self proclaimed crazy cat lady that loves coffee and random musings. She has a cat named Bazinga. YES.


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