Emerald Isle

So my bestie and I decided to do posts on each other for the A to Z Challenge. So E will be on the luscious Emerald from Jack Of All Blogs with her bitchin pinterest rants and opinions on Disney villains. She’s one of the most animated people I know, a crazy redhaired Irish woman studying anthropology, writing fantasy fiction, taking beautiful pictures, and kicking ass at motherhood.

We share nerdiness and girliness in equal amounts, and have a blast no matter what we’re doing together. Be it crochet class, writing parties, drinking whiskey, playing board games, or just chilling together over coffee, I cherish our time spent.

Okay, I’m done being a huge brown noser. Love you, Em!

Blog Recommendation of the Day:

Into The Ravenous Maw This wicked blog is another of the flash fiction variety. Some seriously creative short fiction you’re bound to enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Emerald Isle

  1. Hey, C. Thanks for recommending my blog. I also have a couple of flash fics published over at MicroHorror.com if you like light horror (and one is a teen romance/horror cross).

  2. This made me miss my bestie – she’s all the way back in Aus. You’re very lucky to have each other close by. I hope life never separates you two.

    • We are lucky :) It’s a unique situation too because both her boyfriend and mine were all in our group of friends before we were dating, so now it’s so easy and natural for all of us to be together because everyone is close :)


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