So, I’m doing this on my tablet, on which it is a huge pain in the ass to try to do anything properly, thus there will be no pictures in this post. I may go back and add them later, because I would love to torture myself by hunting down a close up photo of some chocolatey deliciousness. But alas, no dice today. It’s the third day of the A to Z Challenge ( and today’s letter is C!

Chocolate is a wonderful thing. It’s chemically proven to have the same effects on the female brain as sex, so dudes, that’s why we love it so much. It’s soothing, pleasurable, and makes me feel better after a crappy day. Like sex. ;)

If I had to choose a favourite, I’d probably have to pick chocolate fudge. Or mini eggs. Or chocolate eclairs. Oh man it’s too hard to choose. :(

Anyway, chocolate is awesome, and I’ve kinda had a crappy day, so I’m going to go eat some. And my man is almost here to take me home, so I’m signing off for today. I feel like these posts aren’t long enough. But I have a topic for D that I could ramble about for hours, so wheeeee for tomorrow!

Blog Recommendation For The Day

The Deranged Librarian – Though I didn’t find her on the A to Z Challenge, I had to plug this blog because it’s awesome. Book nerdiness, witty posts, and her new series ‘Shitty Things I Wrote In High School’ which is fucking hilarious. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE!

  1. Oh God, I love chocolate so much! My favorite is the classic Milka, it’s just so, so good!
    Darn, all this talk about chocolate made me crave it!


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