Humans Is So Lazy

So my dad and I were having a conversation at the coffee shop, as we are known to do, about how hard it is to toast a pop tart perfectly. You don’t want it to be too brown, but you want the inside all melty and delicious. So we came up with an idea for a bluetooth toaster that hooks up to your smartphone, so you can watch the toasting process on your screen.

Of course that led to being able to pop the toaster from your phone, from the living room, and then sparked us trying to figure out how to wirelessly get the pop tart into our mouths without having to get up from the couch.

This led to a deep discussion about how fucking lazy we humans have become.

Granted, my dad has much more authority on ‘this generation’ because he’s older than me, but I’m 27 and can remember a time before the internet. GASP.

Have you ever gotten really stuck in a video game, and then googled whatever level/item/instance that you’re trying to figure out? Usually the top few links are IGN walkthroughs or some kind of fan site dedicated to the ins and outs of the game you’re playing. But there are always links to forums where people are asking the same question.

9 times out of 10 those forum questions are replied to with links to IGN walkthroughs or fan sites dedicated to the ins and outs of the game. Occasionally someone will reply with the answer, but most of the time it’s a snarky post.

This is because, in an age where we have every single piece of the universe’s information at our fingertips (literally, thanks to touchscreens), people are still too lazy to do an internet search for their information. They would rather go into a forum, ask their question, and then sit back and wait for somebody else to look it up for them.

What I want to know is, HOW IS THAT EASIER THAN JUST LOOKING IT UP?? If you have to make a profile on the forum, type out your long winded question while providing details about where you are and what you’ve done in the game, and then WAIT… it would have been easier and quicker to type your question into the search bar and click probably one link to find your answer, then continue playing the game.

Humans have become so lazy that laziness actually requires more time and work than the original way to be lazy. Which of course, is looking up walkthroughs when you’re playing a video game because someone is too lazy to just figure it out themselves. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this. It’s very difficult not to use the internet to get 100% game completion. The information is there, one or two clicks away.

Instead we get 800 of the same questions in forums. And probably very frustrated moderators.

Anyway, I’m going to go crochet some more granny squares. Which I learned how to do by searching for YouTube tutorials. Not asking on a crochet forum how to make a granny square.



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