Angel Stitches and Immersed in The King

Hello there, rabid followers. Tis been a little while, but fear not, I have returned!

I’ve actually been back at my computer with a vengeance this past week, because I have (as usual) too many projects that I’m working on. I’ve been stressing over writing a blog post, because it takes a shit ton of time to do the Wetlands chapters (as much as we all enjoy them!) and I never can articulate my ideas when I’m sitting in front of a blank wordpress post box.

Maybe instead of writing a random post idea down, I should also write point form notes so that I can remember exactly how I was going to word everything.

Anyway. Little update from my holidays. My man and I partied with my parents, then partied with his parents, and life is good. :) We had so much fun! I got so many cool gifts, I’ve been meaning to do a photo shoot with them. Honestly, that’s how cool they are. I specifically haven’t been sharing what they are because they demand a photo series. And I started an instagram account so that’s where they’ll end up. W00t!

I’ve been crocheting winterwear for the kids at portage, and sent my first batch of twelve items over there a few days ago. So excited! Portage is a centre in Elora for teens recovering from addictions or that have mental disabilities, if you want to raise awareness or help them out in any way click here.

Learning to crochet has been fucking awesome. Whenever someone confides in me that they’re super stressed or anxious or depressed, my advice is always to find some kind of creative outlet to focus those energies out of themselves. Sometimes I forget this advice for myself, and then relearn by accident. This happened when googled handmade crafts for some Christmas gifts, and then found all kinds of really cool crochet patterns and tutorials.

I learned to knit as a kid, but never dabbled in crochet. So I bought a hook at the dollar store, stocked up on yarn, and watched a lot of YouTube videos. CrochetGeek is by far the best ever crochet channel on YouTube, check her out!

Anyway, crochet has been super zen for me, and I’ve been making so much shit I didn’t know what to do with it. A regular of mine at the cafe works at Portage and mentioned that the kids there are incredibly short on winterwear, so I decided to continue my zen-ness for a cause. She said there are about forty kids, so I decided to make forty items. So far I’m at 11, so 29 to go!

I’ve also started my pursuit of reading every Stephen King book in chronological order. For those of you that missed my tweets about the Stephen King Master List hanging in my living room, my man and I have been collecting every one of King’s books for our ever growing library. My plan was to read them all from beginning to end once we managed to collect them all, but I decided to set it as a 2014 challenge, and read all of his books throughout this year. The only thing I’m afraid of is reading the Gunslinger and not being able to read the other six Dark Tower books right away… but I think it’ll be interesting going through them all to experience the progression of Stephen King growing up.

I read Doctor Sleep in November of last year, and then started Carrie at the beginning of this year, and it was a crazy leap from present to past. Carrie was his first novel, and I love that it’s so different from his current works but still so HIM. Also it’s cool to find ‘dark-towery’ things in his old stuff, just going to show that Roland has always been with him. Ka, yo.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to go read the Gunslinger right now. NOW.)

Along with the crocheting and King-ing, I’ve been glued to my computer writing stuff. Just lots of stuff. Some fiction, some articles, a lot of research and the like. My schedule has changed again and I have more free time, which means that I’m cracking down. As much as I love writing fiction, it’s a long process. I’m still doing it, but I’ve been dabbling in articles and copywriting. The more I research, the more awesome it seems, so I’ve been working on building a freelance writing platform to try to sell my services. I’m putting some articles in the bank so that I have material once the web site goes live, and when it does I will share the shit out of it. And I hope my faithful followers will too!

Anyway, enough about my shiznit. I’mma go back to Salem’s Lot. I’m thinking about doing a post on each book that I read, review-style but not quite, because I suck at proper reviews. We’ll see.

How was everyone’s holidays? And what are you working on in 2014?



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