BulletProof Coffee – Week 4 (Final week!)

So I’m done my 28 day experiment with the coffee. Here are my week 4 notes.

Day 22

Had my coffee at 10:30, and walked Izzy for 40 minutes at 11:30. I had a delicious almond milk latte at the General Store at 13:00, and bought a pumpkin scone that I ate over the course of about a half hour at 14:00. I had a juice at 16:30 of 1 jonagold apple, 1 carrot, ¼ cucumber, 2 celery, and 1 tbsp of flax/chia. I was super productive at home this day, great energy level.

Day 23

Coffee at 9:30, walked Izzy for 30 minutes while I drank it. I got hungry at 12:30 and munched on some pumpkin/cranberry crisps from Fraberts (so freaking good!). I was craving salt like a motherfucker so I enjoyed some sour cream and onion chips at 14:00 while watching an episode of Once Upon A Time (go watch it, so awesome!). At 17:30 I had a juice of 2 carrots, 2 celery, ¼ cucumber and 1 tbsp flax/chia. I was still craving salt and my guy suggested Chinese, so I had a giant chicken chow mein for supper. High energy day, but I had the munchies for sure.

Robert Carlyle is Rumplestiltskin. Seriously, watch this show.

Day 24

This day was balls, because our idiot neighbors set off the fire alarm at one in the morning and interrupted everyone’s sleep. I didn’t get back to sleep until 3 am and then proceeded to sleep through my alarm and miss the beginning of my open shift. :$ So it was a crappy morning, to say the least. I was high on panic adrenaline, but I still managed to suck back my coffee at 7:30. I couldn’t help but mow down on a pumpkin butter bar at 9:00, and then had an almond milk latte at 15:00. I munched on some cottage cheese and peaches at 17:00, and then my guy and I lost track of time and ended up grabbing pizza for supper at 19:00.

Day 25

This day I wanted sugar so bad. I had my coffee at 6:30. I was so retarded this day that I didn’t even write down the times for anything, but over the course of my 6.5 hour shift I ate a blueberry/cranberry muffin, had a s’mores latte, and half of a Caprese sandwich. Which is the bomb, by the way. We went to my dad’s birthday party in the afternoon and I ate a shit ton of food until I was painfully full. ^_^’ Woot!


Day 26

Another sugar craving day. I had my coffee at 6:30, mowed down a banana muffin at 10:30, and had an almond milk latte at 13:00. My guy and I went to the drive in after work and had popcorn and junk food for dinner. Yum! Also Gravity was awesome, and you should go see it.

Day 27

I slept til almost one, and had my coffee at 13:10. My guy and I went over to my parents place and I had an almond milk latte (yeah, my dad has a pretty awesome espresso machine!), and then we proceeded to eat a shit ton of food again. I love Thanksgiving.

Don’t eat me! I’m too ugly to die!

Day 28

I was pretty stoked to be on my final day and see my results. I got up early even though it was my day off and had my coffee at 6:50. I took Izzy for a 40 minute walk, and then proceeded to have a very unproductive day of playing Ring Defense on my tablet. I did some research and had an almond milk latte from the General Store at some point, and stole my friend’s scale so I could weigh myself out.

Final Stats

So my weigh out is… dun dun dun… 156.6 lbs! LOL, 3.1 lbs in four weeks, I actually had to do some googling to find out if that was good or not, because I had no idea. Apparently the healthiest weight loss rate is 1-2 lbs a week, and that’s less than that, so I guess healthy, yes, but not exactly good.

BP Coffee as a Diet

So my verdict for using BulletProof Coffee for weight loss? It’s not enough. Likely if paired with more exercise, but if you’re going to have an exercise regimen I would think it would be healthier to eat in the morning.

Which brings me to my next point. I feel like the BP diet is backwards. Every other dieting type thing I’ve ever heard of stresses the importance of eating small amounts often, to keep your metabolism up and your body from going into starvation mode.

With this regimen, it claims that having a coffee with butter and oil in it should keep you from eating until at least two in the afternoon. I looked up approximately how many calories would be in a standard 12 oz BulletProof Coffee with 1 tbsp of MCT Oil in it, and the general consensus is that it’s between 100-200 calories. That is not enough to get you through the morning, let alone until the afternoon. I feel as if this is counterproductive to anyone trying to lose weight.

My boss has a friend that teaches classes about health and weight loss, and she and her husband eat a barley breakfast with their BP coffee. This makes more sense to me. Because, food. You can get all of the calories you want from butter, but as I learned, it’s really hard to go all day without eating anything, regardless of whether the oil is making me less hungry.

The other problem that I had a lot was that I’d get wicked cravings for either sugar or salt every few days. I don’t know if it was just me being me and naturally not wanting to restrict myself, or because I was really depriving myself of these things on different days due to my mornings of nothing. I feel like eating in the morning would balance this out.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest that if you’re looking for something to help you lose weight, and you’re interested in this, pair it with another routine to reap better benefits. Because I’m not even sure if it was the coffee that made me lose that 3.1 lbs, or if it was because I started taking my dog for longer walks.

BP Coffee for Energy

My verdict for using BulletProof Coffee for energy? Hell fucking yes. Although I am 99.9% certain that it has nothing to do with the coffee, and everything to do with the MCT Oil. That shit is amazing. To be sure, I waited until today to write this so that I could have a veggie juice (1 carrot, ½ granny smith apple, ¼ cucumber, 2 celery, 1 tbsp flax/chia) with 2 tsp of MCT Oil to see if it would give me the same energy boost as the coffee.

It totally did, but I was a moron and chugged it really fast because I was excited for it so early, and had a little bout of nausea for about twenty minutes. This could be because I am used to sipping at the oil for 30+ minutes every morning, or because I am not used to having vegetables and fruit in the morning. In any case, I will be drinking it slower tomorrow.

I had a regular coffee with some almond milk in it with my morning smoke, and by the time I was done my cigarette I was alert and ready to face the day. At 6:55 am on my day off. So, I’m thinking that all of the wonderful energy I’ve been experiencing this past 28 days is solely due to the oil.

I had some oatmeal an hour later while enjoying some Once Upon a Time, and grazed on some vegetable chips throughout the afternoon. I felt a lot more balanced, and I think it’s going to really show come dinnertime when I don’t want to binge until I’m stuffed.

So, if you’re looking for a good energy booster, go grab some MCT oil. You can put it in anything, although you’re not supposed to cook with it at high temperatures. But in drinks makes the most sense. So whatever you like to drink in the morning, toss some oil in there, and you’re good to go.

I haven’t been crashing at all on this stuff either, I just felt energetic all day. I used to get really tired and drag my ass around 14:00-15:00, but since I’ve been doing this that hasn’t been happening. I’m pretty much ready to pass out by 22:00, but that’s good because I get up early in the mornings. And it’s been awesome sleeping all the way through the night and feeling rested in the morning.

Anyway, in conclusion for this section, I recommend MCT oil as a part of your morning to give you the energy you need to get through the day without feeling bogged down.

What Will She Do Next?

Whatever the fuck I want.

Nobody on this planet will ever be as badass as Brandon DiCamillo. Ever.

Couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I’m going to get back to juicing in the morning and put my oil in that, and get back into my regular eating pattern. I’m generally a grazer, which apparently is healthy, to eat smaller bits more often, and that’s always been my way. So I can get off of this hungry morning/binging evening schedule, yay!

Will I still be putting butter in my coffee? Fuck yes. Organic coffee with butter is still healthy, I just don’t want to use it as a meal replacement. It’s delicious, it’s got healthy fat, and for some reason milk and cream just make me feel heavy (see: why I drink almond milk lattes). Also, drinking coffee with sugar in it is disgusting to me now, because I managed to wean myself off of that. I’ve also gotten real comfortable with the creamy frothy goodness that is butter coffee. So yum.

Side note, my boss directed me to this app he uses called MyFitnessPal, and I checked it out, it’s pretty cool. I was curious to see how much I actually take in in a day, and how much I burn just by doing my normal daily shit. And this app tracks it all, and seems to be pretty accurate. So I’m going to check it out.

I’ll likely post again in a week about how the juice/oil combo is going, for those that are interested. Til next time!

M3WB Magazine is doing a three month test using the actual Upgraded products used for BulletProof Coffee:

An article on how to spot unhealthy fad diets:

Information on MCT Oil:

  • MCT Oil (wedishnutrition.wordpress.com)

This looks and sounds gross but I’m curious to try it:



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