BulletProof Coffee – Week 3

Feeling so much better this week! Only one more to go, and I’ll put together some final stats, weigh myself out, and we’ll see what four weeks on this stuff really does. And I’ll let you know my plans for after, because I have those. :D Onward!

Day 15

I cracked and had oatmeal for breakfast, and had my first coffee at 9:00. I had another at 10:30, and another at 12:45. I was still starving, so me and my girl Em went to the General Store and I had a beet and goat cheese salad at 2:30 with a London Fog to drink. I felt ok for about a half hour, and then started to get crampy and nauseous. Dammit.

Lol there’s a google image for everything.

Day 16

This was the day I decided to condense all of my oil into one coffee and see what happened. I made a coffee with 1 tbsp MCT oil at 10:00, and drank it by 10:25. I walked Izzy from 10:30-11:05, and then walked by myself to FreshCo and back with a chicken, which took me about 45 minutes. At 14:00, I made an almond milk, kale and peanut butter smoothie, but didn’t feel too awesome in the stomach region, so it took me a few hours to drink. I did, however, manage to thoroughly enjoy the roasted chicken and apple pie that I made for dinner, though I felt super tired and was passed out for the night by 21:00.

Day 17

This was the day that I was sick of feeling gross, and had to embrace the fact that I was using too much MCT oil. Or I hoped I was, and that reducing would make me feel better.

My stomach was feeling gross when I got up at 4:45 for work, so I had oatmeal at 4:50. I felt bogged down but rested, which was nice for an open shift. I had my coffee at 5:35 with 2 tsp of MCT oil. I was feeling super energetic by 7:10, but was starting to get hungry. At 10:00 I had a cranberry seed bar, and it shot my energy right back up.

At 13:00 I really wanted something warm to sip at, so I had an almond milk latte. I’ve been finding regular milk lattes have made me feel really heavy. At 15:35 I had a juice of 2 carrots, 1/2 cucumber, and 1 tbsp flax/chia seeds. I felt so awesome on this day, and it made me really happy. I’d figured out my rhythm for this coffee.

I know, I’d said I was going to be more diligent with my juicing again, and I’ve been bad. :(

Day 18

Had my coffee at 9:00 (standard drink now 2 tsp MCT), and went to work for 10:30. I had an almond milk latte at 12:30, and ate a cranberry seed bar at 13:50. The whole day went by really fast and I was bouncing with energy.

Day 19

Had my coffee at 9:20, went to work for 10:30. This day was a little messed up eating-wise, because my boss was making everything pumpkin that could possibly be made, and I was salivating all day. I had a pumpkin muffin around 11:30, and we were out of almond milk so I made a regular latte at 12:00 and just nursed it for an hour and a half to spread it thin.

So irresistible.

Then my boss made these pumpkin butter bites, and a huge piece broke off, and we ended up eating about a third of the pan. It was so good. SOOOOO good. But I was super crampy afterwards due to all of the sugar. I felt fine by the time I went home at 17:30, however, so all was well.

Day 20

Had my coffee at 9:10, and accidentally cut off a much bigger chunk of butter than I’d meant to. Which means that this morning’s coffee was super frothy and extra amazing.

I went to a doctor’s appointment for 9:30 (not preggers, for my girls that were making fun of my random puking!!) and went to work for 10:30. Even on day four of my workweek, I was still feeling energetic. I had a coffee at 12:00, and put a half teaspoon of sugar in it. I took a sip and realized that it was disgusting, and I had totally weaned myself off of sugar in my coffee after three weeks of not having it in the morning. Which I’m pretty happy about, actually. It always saddened me that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the deliciousness of coffee without putting a bit of sugar in it. I’m proud of myself.

Whoo hoo, no more sugar!

Anyway, I scarfed a cranberry seed bar at 13:00, and bounced my way all through the afternoon. When my guy came to pick me up at 18:00, we came home to the delicious smell of the pork roast and veggies I’d put in the slow cooker in the morning, and I had no problems eating dinner. No cramps, no pukiness, no general feelings of malaise. And I fell asleep well around 22:00.

Day 21

Had my coffee at 9:05, and took Izzy for a half hour walk. I went to work for 10:30, and had a cranberry seed bar and a medium roast Sumatran (feature of the month at Wreckless Eric!) with almond milk only in it at 12:50. Another energy filled day, and my guy and I made salmon steaks and garlic green beans for supper. Delish!

I stayed up a little late on this day, but I’d gotten into the last 10% of Jennifer Armintrout’s Blood Ties book four, and it was unstoppable. I had to finish it.

Click for deets. I had a love/hate relationship with these as I was reading them, but I’m glad I did anyway. It was a fun ride!

Week 3 Thoughts

I’m super happy with this again. I was afraid that the prolonged MCT use and not eating in the mornings had really fucked me up, but it turned out I was just too ambitious and was overdoing it. Two teaspoons has been great for me this week, and I’m going to continue with that for week 4. I was considering that I just went too fast, and now I can build up to a tbsp, but I’m reluctant to do so because my stomach is sensitive.

One of my boss’ friends has been doing BP coffee for awhile, and he has TWO tablespoons in his coffee every morning, and he only weighs like 130 lbs. The guy must have guts of steel. In any case, I’ve decided to stay on two tsp for the duration of my study, because it’s working beautifully for me. Super stoked to be able to share whatever results I may have!


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