BulletProof Coffee – Week 2

Sorry I’m a day late. I was too busy watching Once Upon A Time and blogging about Wetlands yesterday. ^_^’ Anyway, here’s my second week! It’s not as in depth as week one when it comes to my evenings, but I found this week that I’ve been consistently able to go to sleep between 21:30 and 22:00, which is awesome. Also, if I don’t mention walking Izzy, it doesn’t mean I didn’t walk her, just that it was only a 10 minute walk, which I feel doesn’t count. If I don’t have time to take her for a long ass walk, we do three 10 minute walks a day.

Day 8

I got up and had my coffee at 9:30. Izzy and I walked from 10:20-11:15, and I got hungry again, so I went to the General Store and had Robert blend me a second one at 12:00. I tried it with their Organic Dark Roast, but it wasn’t as good as it is with a medium roast.

I was pretty pumped, and I walked (and danced, lol!) across town to Shoppers, and on the way back grabbed a quinoa salad at Fraberts. I ate it with a carrot juice at 14:00, so yummy!

Seriously love this place!

Day 9

I made my coffee at 8:30, and walked Izzy while drinking it from 8:35-9:05. I had a second coffee at 9:35. I had a juice at 12:00 of 2 large carrots, 2 celery stalks, and 1 tbsp flax/chia seeds. At 14:15 I had a smoothie of almond milk, kale, and peanut butter. This day was an inside day, I worked on the office for most of the afternoon, but I didn’t feel bogged down.

Day 10

I was up at 4:45 for work and my stomach was not happy, so I cheated and had a banana at 4:55. I waited until I got into work so I could use the blender, and had my coffee at 5:35. I had a second coffee at 6:45, and was starving by 8:00. I gave in and had a multigrain bagel with tomatoes and butter at 11:00. Morning shifts are hard!! I was so tired this day that I laid down to read at 17:30 and was asleep by 18:00.

Day 11

Glad that I had set an alarm the day before just in case, I woke up at 6:30. I had my coffee at 6:45, and went to work for 7:30. My boss was making a smoothie, and offered me one, and I was full of piss and vinegar from sleeping for twelve hours, so I had one. It was spinach, blueberry, banana, cranberry, orange juice and 1 scoop of this Vega One powder that tastes like vanilla grass. I had a second coffee at 8:15, and I was like the fucking roadrunner. It was a really awesome workday, super busy but I was on fire. I had a third coffee at 11:45 because I was feeling a little less energetic and wanted something warm to drink, and all was awesome. I had a cranberry energy seed bar at 13:30, and that carried me until supper.

These Circle Of Life bars are so fucking delicious.

Day 12

This day I was a little less motivated. I had my coffee at work at 7:45, and then another at 9:25. I was already hungry. I had another at 11:45, figuring that two teaspoons just wasn’t doing it anymore. I was at a decent energy level, but not even close to what I’d been at the day before. At 13:10 I couldn’t resist a banana/cran/blue/peach muffin, and at 15:00 had another cranberry energy seed bar. Those are so fucking good.

Day 13

This day was a twelve-hour workday, so it was going to be a good test. I had my coffee at 5:35, and was pretty in the zone. I had another at 7:05, said ‘fuck it’ and had another at 9:30. It was a fairly high energy morning, and went by pretty fast, but I was starving by noon and had a ham, pear chutney and brie sandwich on a croissant at 12:30. I drank water for the rest of the day and it carried me until supper.

Day 14

A day off after the craziness that was my workweek. I woke up to find that the power was out. So I couldn’t do much. And I was fucking hungry. So I decided today was my cheater day. I headed over to the General Store and had a breakfast burrito and a pumpkin spice latte at 10:00. I did put a teaspoon of MCT into the latte, not sure if that was going to do anything, but I didn’t care. I could only eat half of the burrito and home fries (that’s a good sign, right?) but I drank the shit out of that latte. Yummmmmm.

I was out of organic butter so I went over to Fraberts to see what they had. I had an amazing conversation with the lady there about organic butter vs. regular local Ontario butter, and discovered that our local butter is actually grass-fed, making it healthier for you than organic. So, I nabbed some of that over the organic to try it out.

I had a coffee at 12:00, and then went to grab a taco from Sam’s for my dad for lunch (I totally got one too, cheater day!). I walked over to FreshCo to get supplies for making pizza for my guy’s hockey party that night, and then had a third coffee when I got home at 14:00.

All went well on that front, but I started to feel a little nauseous around 18:00. I drank a shit ton of water and couldn’t shake it, and I went to bed at 21:30 and promptly got back up again to vomit profusely. My guy was super adorable and even though he was watching the game with his friends he totally came and rubbed my back and held my hair out of my face. Because he’s awesome like that. I got back into bed and passed out until the next morning, where I felt fine.

Now, there are a few things that could have caused this, and I’m hoping to narrow them down.

One, it’s some kind of crazy random bug, because my guy had the same thing happen to him on Monday morning, and one of our friends upstairs puked the same night I did.

Two, my body hasn’t been used to eating before noon for the last two weeks, and the combo of such a hearty breakfast and a fatass taco for lunch made my stomach go ‘HELL NO’. I’m not entirely sure about this theory, because you’d think that my stomach would have rejected the food earlier in the day.

Three, I’m overdoing it with the MCT oil. I was going to do two teaspoons all this week and then upgrade to three the third week, but it was such a crazy weekend that I upgraded myself to three. But of course, I’ve been having three full coffees, each with a teaspoon of oil. Maybe this didn’t agree with me later in the day?

As much as I hate puking, I’m doing an experiment right now where I’m having one coffee with a tbsp of MCT oil. If I barf, then it’s too much oil for me. If not, then I’m going to do it this way every morning instead of having multiple coffees, and see how that goes for the week. I also considered that just having three coffees consistently into the afternoon with no food wasn’t agreeing with me either. BulletProof Coffee is supposed to be just one in the morning, so I’ll do it right this week.

Week 2 Thoughts

In summation, not as much energy as the first week, and these last couple days feeling a little under the weather, but hopefully I can figure out what’s going on in the ol’ stomach and figure out a good mix for my body. As far as weight loss goes, I don’t really feel like I’m any lighter (lol!) or smaller, so we’ll see what happens when I weigh out at the end of week 4.


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