BulletProof Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Coffee

Hai hai there! So, I’ve decided to start drinking this thing called BulletProof Coffee. Or at least that’s the brand name of the guy that invented it and wants you to buy his special coffee beans, which I didn’t buy, so I won’t call it that. But the idea is the same. From here on in, I’ll just call it butter coffee.

What is it? Blend 12 oz of fair trade organic coffee with 2 tbsp of grass-fed organic butter and 1 tbsp MCT oil per 140lbs of body weight. Allegedly, if you drink this concoction instead of eating breakfast, it will keep you going all day, make you lose weight, and make you not hungry.

I was extremely skeptical at first. Not about the normal things people would worry about, of course, I was worried that butter in coffee would be disgusting.


A preliminary experiment to test this involved two tablespoons of salted no-name butter in an 8 oz mug of medium roast coffee. Tossed it in the blender until it was frothy, and tried it out. It was ORGASMIC. I’m a fan of salty/sweet things, so I put a little bit of raw sugar in there and just sucked that shit back (that’s what she said).

So I started researching bulletproof coffee, and came across Dave Asprey’s blog. He’s pretty fucking awesome, honestly, read some of his articles. Anyway, he invented bulletproof coffee, and swears by it.

Cups and beans and oil, oh my!

The basic idea is that good coffee is good for you, with antioxidants and all that jazz. Grass fed and organic butters are way better for you because if the cows are eating healthy, then what comes out of them is healthy. And MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is made up of fatty acids that are super easy for the body to metabolize, which equals more energy. MCT is found in coconut oil, but it’s more concentrated in straight MCT oil, so you get more bang for your buck.

So, I was curious about this whole thing, because I like healthy things that taste good. Also, I like having energy and feeling good, and oftentimes it’s impossible to feel that way when I get up at 4:30 in the morning for work. Veggie juice makes me feel good in general, but it doesn’t give me a boost in the morning. Also upon reading more into this whole thing, sugar is apparently really bad in the morning. And fruits and veg have natural sugars. So I’m actually setting myself up for a sugar crash, which makes sense and sucks balls.

Anyway, these are the supplies I got. Wreckless Eric’s Morning Glory, which is an organic fair trade medium roast Columbian. Delicious and nutritious.

Mmmm freshly ground and french pressed = Mouthgasm

I ordered in a can of MCT oil from Sante, a health food store in Elora. They don’t carry it regular, but they can order 500mL and 1L bottles for you. I got the 500mL and it cost $20.25, which I was surprised about. I figured the shit would be blazingly expensive.

So looks like a can of kerosene.

Grass fed butter, unfortunately, is super difficult to find in Canada. Unless the farmers stock up on enough hay for the winter, our cows only get grass for half the year. In the states the most popular grass fed butter is Kerrygold, but we can’t get that up here. I did some research on organic butter in this area, and it looked just as good. They grass feed in the summer, and then use organic grains in the winter. I tried some on a piece of bread and it tastes just like normal grocery store butter, but whatevs. It makes logical sense that it’s healthier, and in this case, I wanted to get the good stuff.

I got this at Sante as well, they’ve got it in stock for $11.95 per lb. This I found pretty steep, but I’m only using 2 tbsp a day so it’ll last.

Look! It’s cultured!

I got all of my materials on Tuesday, planning to start Wednesday morning and blog about my progress, but of course I was too excited to wait. So I made one for me and one for my boss at 11:30 am on Tuesday. I also wanted to see how the MCT oil would react in my stomach. Apparently it can be a little hard on people with sensitive stomachs, so keep this in mind. If you have issues with that, maybe start with coconut oil. In any case, I put a tsp of each, and figured I’d work my way up to 1 tbsp just in case.

My stomach was pretty damn fine with it. I nursed the coffee (with a squirt of agave nectar to sweeten, I figured sugar would defeat the purpose) for about 45 minutes, enjoying every second of it. I didn’t notice until about 12:30 that I felt awesome. I was like the roadrunner, dancing around while I was cleaning at work. It was salubrious! Usually between 1 and 4 I get really bagged, and have a hard time focusing. But I felt like I’d just woken up from an extremely restful sleep.

There was no crash, but at some point I just wasn’t as bouncy. I noticed it just before four o clock, that I wasn’t dancing around anymore, but that also could have been that my Beatles playlist had run out. Anyway, it was pretty sweet. I’d also like to note that at 7:00 that morning, I’d eaten a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (yum) for breakfast, and had had nothing after that to eat. Usually I scarf down some lunch around 11:30-12:00, but I’d wanted to see how far the coffee took me. I did have an oat bar around 1:00, because I don’t like to smoke on an empty stomach.

So that was the test run. I’ll do a post about it every week tracking my progress over the previous 7 days. I’m keeping notes on my handy dandy Galaxy Note 8, of which I’d like to do a review on as well. I just need to learn all the ins and outs of Android, I’ve been a Mac girl for six years now and it’s so jarring to be using a different device. But fuck I’m loving this tablet. I make notes constantly, and it can read my messy ass writing!

Anyway, here are my preliminary stats, in case anyone following this is interested in BulletProof Coffee for weight loss. I won’t mind if I shed a few pounds, but I’m more into it to feel alive in the morning.

Remember that guy on Facebook that pretended that things were cocks? Whatever happened to that guy?

That’s me, pretending that a coffee mug is a cock, weighing in at 159.4 lbs. I’m an everyday smoker, but not excessively, maybe like ¾ of a pack a day? I roll cigarettes, so I don’t really know. I’ll keep a tally of how many I have tomorrow. I feel like this is relevant, because I hate smoking on an empty stomach. It feels nasty. Which is going to be difficult because this coffee is supposed to be drank in the morning instead of eating breakfast. So, we’ll see if I can still enjoy my morning smoke with just the coffee.

Also I have a dog, so I go for walks, but she’s a 4.5 lb toy poodle so I don’t walk as much as if I had a Doberman or something. Other than that, I work in a café 40 hours a week and I have an elliptical in my office that is buried behind boxes that I was supposed to unpack like a month ago. So you see how good I am at exercising. So if I continue to not do that, and the coffee still makes me lose weight, then that’s a thing. Or, if it gives me so much energy that I want to work out, then that’s a thing. I’m totally using myself as a guinea pig. So scientific.

Oh, and one more thing. When I get into my weekly posts, I’ll be using 24-hour time. Because it just makes more sense. So there.

:) Til next time!

P.S. I’ll be live tweeting me excitement/distress over this on Twitter, likely a lot. I tweet a lot anyway, but now it’ll actually be for a reason! Yay! Somewhere on this page is a Twitter widget if you’re interested.



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