So, remember that time that I lost one of the characters in my head and she ended up in an alternate universe where there were no people anywhere and a giant spider was following her around? Yeah, I’m totally bonkers, get over it. Anyway, Emerald kindly found her, and I thought maybe I’d let her hang out for awhile in a different personality to see where it took her. Eventually though, I needed her back. She played a crucial role in Vivid 2 and I needed her to co-operate with me.

She did, but was super annoying about it. For the last two weeks, she’s been keeping me up at night with tales of her past, bugging me to share them. I’ve meant to for a long time, and I think that’s how she surfaced in Vivid, but alas, she’s really fucking impatient, and Vivid wasn’t enough. So, to stop her from driving me completely insane, I agreed to let her speak for herself.

If you’d like to meet Cheshire, head on over here.

Be warned, she’s somewhat of a snarky bitch. But she’s been through a lot, so I can’t really blame her. Even though I kind of want to right now because she maliciously brought her spider friend back with her, knowing I hate them. Double sigh. Anyway. Hopefully this will make her presence bearable. And let me sleep at night.



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