Ambivert Represent!

I’ve always been interested in personality types. I like researching just about anything, but back when I was working in the real estate industry, I did Dr. Rohm’s DISC personality test, and it was super interesting. The purpose of it in sales was to be able to identify your personality type, and then quickly identify your clients so that you know how to connect with them properly without freaking them out.

There are all kind of personality tests out there, the most popular being the Myers-Briggs test. One thing that all of them have in common is that the traits are on a spectrum between introvert and extrovert. Everyone is a blend of these two things, but generally lean more to one side than the other. I bet if you list off five people you know, you could identify them easily as an introvert or an extrovert.

When I did the DISC test, my results came back ISC. D and I are the extrovert types, with I being very friendly and social, D being very in-your-face dominant close-the-sale. S and C are the introvert types, S being very shy and reserved and emotional, C being very technical and calculating and anti-social.

I was pretty confused how I managed to be super friendly and social and also shy and anti-social. I mean, everyone has traits from every type, that’s what makes us unique, but according to that test I was more introvert, and I’ve never really considered myself an introvert.

Since then, I’ve met a few true introverts, and I can say that there is a bit of that in me. I’d always thought that introverts were hermits, totally anti-social creatures. This is not the case. Introverts can be totally cool in social situations, generally as long as they’re planned in advance. And it’s draining, but they ‘recharge their batteries’ by having alone time. Extroverts ‘recharge their batteries’ by being in social settings.

I don’t feel drained or anxious by being in a social setting, but I wouldn’t say it recharges my batteries either. I like hanging out with my friends and family out in the world. That being said, I do also like my ‘me’ time, and can be perfectly content at home by myself reading a book, or writing, or playing video games, or whatever. I also live in a small town, which is nice and quiet for the most part, and I like that too.

So where does that leave me?

Well, yesterday, I learned that ambiverts are a thing. Some people lean towards introvert and extrovert with qualities blended from the other, but ambiverts literally are a balanced blend of the two. It makes so much sense that that should exist.

This test on LonerWolf will tell you whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. Also take a tour around their entire site, there are so many cool and helpful articles on there, it’s just unbelievably awesome. :)

I always like when there are names for things that pertain to me. Like that time I was on wikipedia reading about mental disorders and found out that I’m hypo-manic. Which sounds like another personality type to me. Hypo-manic ambivert.

This is my brain on ambiversion.

Some people might think that personality tests are bullshit, and maybe grouping your interests into four different letters is a waste of time. But I think identifying the differences between introversion and extroversion can be incredibly helpful in life. Whether for your social life, for your job, for interacting with other humans in any way, it’s helpful to be able to talk to people in a manner that makes them comfortable. For example, if you know your friend is an introvert, instead of scaring the shit out of them by showing up at their door and dragging them out to the bar on Friday, you can plan ahead by texting them on Monday. This gives them ample time to mentally prepare for it, and get back to you when they feel comfortable. And if they don’t, don’t be offended.

To the people that have ever been overwhelmed by my socialness, or offended by my reclusiveness, and then utterly confused about it, I apologize. It seems like I recharge my batteries in a different way every day, spur of the moment, whatever happens to make me feel good at the time.

Right now, blogging has drained me and coffee will recharge. Adios!


8 thoughts on “Ambivert Represent!

  1. EmeraldD says:

    I did the Myers Briggs test when I was 15. It was really neat but the creepy part is the fact that while you’d think I’d be very different as an adult my Myers Briggs results are still scarily accurate.

    • You were way more mature than a run of the mill 15 year old though. I totally envied the way you always seemed to know exactly who you are. :)

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