The Girlfriend Cover Reveal!

So, for any of ya’ll that haven’t read The Boss yet, go read it here! You can download the eBook for free, and then if you decide that the author deserves some love (PS, she totally does), you can donate on a pay-what-you-want basis. So if you’re looking for an amazing story with strong characters and sexy scenes that will keep you panting for more, head over and read The Boss.

All done? Well, here’s a carrot to dangle in front of your eager little noses!

The Girlfriend

Yes, my friends, there is a sequel, and it’s on its way! Here’s the back cover copy:

Unemployed, blacklisted, and pregnant, Sophie Scaife’s life is totally upside down. Her relationship with publishing magnate Neil Elwood is on the rocks. Her best friend’s career is igniting. And Sophie is afraid she’ll make one of the toughest decisions of her life alone…

When a devastating diagnosis forces Neil to return to London, Sophie throws caution to the wind to follow her heart across the Atlantic. Keeping a scorching D/s affair as red-hot in sickness as it was in health is a challenge, even for two lovers as inventive as Sophie and Neil. But Sophie is more than willing to try anything her Sir commands, and their fantasies of control become a welcome refuge from the daily stress of illness.

While Neil’s wealth and privilege make adjusting to her new situation easier, Sophie finds herself rebuilding her life around an uncertain future. And while both of them face the changes between them head-on, they’re all too aware that their happiness could be fleeting—and Sophie could lose Neil forever.

So exciting! Need more? Wellllll, the lovely Miss Jenny Trout was willing to give us a sweet excerpt and a spicy excerpt. I chose the spicy one, because it’s delicious.

“I want to play a game. I want to draw words on you, and you have to guess what they say.” Sitting up straight, I trailed a finger over his chest.

“I think I understand the rules.” Neil smirked up at me. “What happens if I get them wrong?”

I scooted down his body with a knee on either side of him. When I straddled his thighs and leaned to press my mouth to the side of his torso, the hard ridge of his erection pressed into my belly. Starting at his hipbone, I carefully traced a letter “L” across Neil’s flesh with my tongue.

His breathing sped up a little as I finished the word, and he said, “Let.”

“Very good,” I murmured, switching to the other side. I folded his boxers down a little, and started the next word just above his groin.

“Me,” he guessed, and I nodded my affirmation as I slid down, dragging my hair over his stomach. I lay between his legs and lazily stroked the next word onto his inner thigh.

“Make.” He sounded a little breathless now.

Tugging his boxers down his thighs, I drew the next word on his stomach, swirling my tongue through the narrow line of hair that bisected it. It was difficult work avoiding his cock; fully erect, it reached to just above his navel. My chin brushed the tip as I carefully spelled the next word, “You.” It took Neil two tries, but he guessed it and swallowed thickly as I moved down, hovering my mouth over his penis.

I only got to the O in “come,” written carefully along the underside of his shaft, before he groaned and lifted his hips.

“Yes, Sophie,” he rasped, his hands still above his head. He could have moved them at any time; the belt was only cinched around his wrists, and nothing physically restrained him from lowering his arms. He was choosing to play along, and something wicked in me responded to that.

I wasn’t a Dominant. And Neil wasn’t a submissive. We would probably never truly “switch.” At the moment, though, I appreciated that he trusted me enough to let me do this.

Licking a slow path up his cock from the base to the head, I moaned low in my throat. His harsh breathing stuttered, and he shifted beneath me. I traced the point of my tongue over the seam between his foreskin and glans then followed it up to the slit in the tip, teasing him just a bit before sucking the whole head into my mouth.

He made an undecipherable sound, and I grinned to myself, taking him in one hand. I sat up and, as primly and daintily as possible, spat a huge glob of saliva onto his cock.

His eyes widened at the sight, and I gave him a lazy smile and lots of eye contact as I stroked the wetness down his shaft. When I lowered my head again, I never broke my gaze from his, preferring to hold him as a captive audience while I licked and sucked the hard flesh my pumping fist didn’t cover.

I didn’t have to work long. My slow, steady strokes, sucking mouth, and wriggling tongue brought him to the edge quicker than usual. Probably because he was so out of his element, out of control. Gasping and writhing, he groaned, “Sophie, I’m— ” and he didn’t finish his sentence as his cock jerked in my hand and his cum hit the back of my throat. I let a little dribble out of my mouth, onto my fingers, still squeezing and stroking him as he pulsed, but I raised my head before he could reach the point of oversensitivity. I sat back on my heels and delicately wiped the corners of my mouth with my ring finger. I made a satisfied noise after I swallowed, smirking down at him all the while.

Now he wasn’t content to play along with my fake restraints. He pulled his wrists apart to loosen the belt then slipped his hands free. Before I could even think to protest, he’d hauled me up his body and rolled me onto my back, pinning me. One hand moved down my stomach, and I froze.

“I will go utterly mad if I can’t make you come,” he groaned against my neck, his tongue fluttering over the pulse point there.

Well, what was I going to do? Risk his sanity?

Sigh. I’m so stoked for this book! If you’d like to read the sweet excerpt, head on over to Jenny Trout’s blog, she’s got both excerpts and a rafflecopter giveaway! Happy reading, my friends, can’t wait to discuss this book with you all!



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