So, for those of you that know me, you know that I love fucking with my hair colour. Like, a lot. I was digging around in some old pictures, which was a fuck of a lot of fun, and I thought it would be fun to kind of chronicle the changes my head has gone through over the years. Also to answer the question that never gets old (not): why do I do it?

Because it’s fun! Some people assume that I’m an eccentric person that wants to express herself, and maybe that’s the case subconsciously. I just find it fun. I love colour in general, and picking one and throwing it in my hair is a most excellent adventure. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to get, because I’m putting it over something else, and that’s the best part. It’s like Christmas! On my head!

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s my father’s fault that I like to dye my hair fun colours. When I was about six or seven, I found out that hair dye was a thing, and I immediately wanted to dye my hair blue. My mom said when I got older I could dye my hair whatever colour I wanted, but dad told me if I ever dyed my hair an unnatural colour that he would shave my head in my sleep. ^_^’ So I dabbled in natural colours and highlights as a teenager, but it wasn’t until I moved out that I went really nuts. I’m pretty sure it was pent up excitement from my childhood that’s just releasing itself now. So every time I change my hair and he goes ‘whyyyyyy???’, I just smile and tell him it’s his own fault. ;) Daughters, eh?

Now, I’m going to forewarn you, some of these pictures are just horrendous. To begin, I have to go back to 2003, which was the last time I had natural hair. And looking back on high school pictures just makes me laugh my ass off, because I look like a teenager and it’s just horrible. Yay!


So I’m fifteen in this picture. My girl Lisa and I had just gotten digital cameras for Christmas, and I have a folder of about two hundred pictures of us holding random shit and making faces at the camera. An awesome day. Also, I so loved that Canada sweater, I wonder what ever happened to it? Anyway, this was pretty much my natural colour. Or as close as I can find in a digital photo. I see a highlight in there, but the shit brown colour was my real hair. I haven’t seen it since. :)

Also I found this picture of me dressing up in my friend’s tracksuit and it made me laugh my ass off:

God that outfit was comfortable.

So, I have this thing about cutting my hair. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Totally Hair Barbie (remember those?!) and have hair that dragged on the ground. Alas, my hair doesn’t grow. And it didn’t before I started dying it, never grew past my nipples, no matter what I did. I got trims, I used expensive hair products, home made hair products, nothing worked. I’ve always wanted long luscious locks, and will never have them outside of extensions. So I never, ever cut my hair. I’m terrified of it. My mom talked me into it one single time, and this shit happened:

P.S. I’m totally wearing a shirt, don’t get too excited.

Jeez, get a tan! Lol! Anyway I lamented the loss of my hair so bad that I got highlights, and pretty much just kept it up in a ponytail all the time, cursing myself for cutting it. Once it grew out again I dyed it a darker brown:

Oh, Kodak Easyshare with 2.2 megapixels.

Oh man, being fifteen and trying to look cool. ^_^’ So fucking embarrassing. Anyway, regardless of my emo expression and bad makeup, my hair actually looks pretty bitchin’. It’s naturally curly, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Then, I managed to talk my parental units into letting me try something totally different. I wanted to go red. Mom was totally on board: “I’ve always wanted a redheaded kid!” Dad didn’t care much as long as it wasn’t green. Mom and I waffled over shades of red, I wanted it dark and she wanted it lighter, but we managed to settle on this:

Do people still wear those ball necklaces?

The colour is Chocolate Cherry, and it’s my favourite shade of red to this day. It’s got brown undertones with dark cherry highlights, so it’s an easy transition from brown. It’s a gorgeous colour, until it starts to fade, which is pretty much a week. It’s funny that red dye fades out of my hair really fast, but then the orangey ass aftermath sticks around forever. I didn’t dye my hair red for ten years after this and every time my dye faded, it faded to orange. Yuck.

At some point after this, just after I moved out of my parents’ house, I grabbed a jar of this green semi-permanent hair dye. It was pretty bitchin, even over unbleached hair. I don’t have a picture of it because it only lasted three days before it washed out, but it was quite close to this colour:


I don’t remember the brand, but I haven’t seen any dye packaging that looks like it since then. They probably went out of business because the dye doesn’t last. :P

So now we skip forward a couple of years, because I didn’t do much with my hair once I discovered that tattoos are fucking awesome. Which is nice because I got a real camera and the photos will be much nicer from here on out. Also losing the awkward teenage cheeks. Anyway, this next one is an example of that icky orange:

My first and last professional modeling shoot! ^_^’

So, hair looks good body and curl wise, but the colour is bullshit. Poopy brown roots growing in, ass orange on the rest. This was four years after the Chocolate Cherry, and not only has my hair barely grown, but the orange is still there. Sigh. Nice shot though, really, that photographer was amazing.

Now, after this I did blue/black, and I can’t for the life of me find a picture of it. There was a chunk of my life in there that I didn’t have internet, and didn’t bother to even plug in my computer, and didn’t really take many pictures. So it must have been in there.

Then I did this:

Because blondes totally have more fun!

Now, I have to say, at this point I still didn’t really know anything about hair colouring. I’d just go out and buy dye, follow the directions, and try not to miss any spots. For the most part, it worked out really well. So when I decided to go blonde, I just bought blonde dye. And I didn’t really care that it was a little brassy, because I didn’t even know that was a thing or that it was bad. I just wanted to be blonde.

I went to Vegas and started to notice the blonde going orangey, so I bought some more dye and did it again. It didn’t work at all. So I tried it again with a lighter colour. And it didn’t work, either. I wish I’d have thought to google it, because for five bucks I could have bought toner and been right as rain. But my aunt offered to send me to her hairdresser, so I went on my last day before I came home, and she fixed me up! This chick was awesome, I so wish I could remember her name. She spent three hours on my hair, and styled it all nice for my last night on the town before coming home. She told me that when you use blonde dye over blonde dye, it either doesn’t do anything or adds so much pigment it gets darker. So she threw about ten shades of highlights in there and a little bit of strawberry low, and I had the prettiest blonde hair.

Unfortunately, I only have one half decent picture of it down, because I was behind the camera most of the time that I was there. My little cousin was holding the camera, and she was six, so a little short, and didn’t quite zoom in enough. But it was taken just after I got my hair done, so it’s fresh and pretty:

That’s my uncle, and everywhere we went that night everyone thought he was my husband, lol!

Also at this point in my life I still hadn’t learned not to wear knee high boots in the sun so that my legs would tan. Life experience! :)

I decided after the blonde started looking crappy I’d go dark again, because I didn’t want to have to spend bajillions of dollars at the salon again. So I tried to get chocolate brown:

Note to self: stop slouching in pictures!

It looked almost black, I went a shade or two darker than I meant to here. It turned out decently, but I had been hoping for a richer colour. I went to high school with this girl that had the most beautiful shade of chocolate brown hair, and I just loved it. I felt I had to keep tweaking mine because it wasn’t the right shade of brown.

I bet at this point I’ve long lost all of my male readers. “Bitches be crazy, worrying about their hair, brown is BROWN. Shut the fuck up already.”

Then it faded out to my natural shit brown again (finally no more orange!):

Oh, the wonders that humidity can do to curly hair! :D

And then, just as I’d forgotten what it was like to get red out of my hair for a decade, I did this:

I know for a fact that I was hammered in this picture. Tequila.

Then it was back to stupid orange!

Why, Caitlin, WHY?!

It was around this time that I was itching for a new hair colour, something I’d never done before, and I stumbled across this YouTube video:

Panser is my hair hero, as she always has the coolest hair on the planet at all times.

Anyway, I had this epiphany that if I just bleached my hair, it would get rid of the orange and I’d be blonde, because there would be no colour. And that would be way better than dying it blonde, which I knew at this point didn’t work.

I went to Shoppers and discovered Ice Cream, a brand of hair products that is fucking wonderful. I’m not being sarcastic, it’s actually a terrific product. The developer and two packets of bleach comes to around ten dollars, and it’s enough to bleach my whole head. You can’t go wrong with that price. Also it’s cream developer, which I like so much better than the liquid one. If you want to try bleaching, I definitely recommend the Ice Cream developer/bleach powder combo, it’s fantastic.

Anyway, I decided to try a small bit first, and did two chunks of hair on the underside on either side of my neck. I totally had a picture of this and I have no idea what happened to it. :( Anyway they turned out great, and didn’t fall out or burn. I threw some pink Manic Panic on them and they stayed pink for about two washes. I wasn’t satisfied.

So I bleached my whole head.

So much for getting rid of that pesky orange!

Obviously, it didn’t quite bleach out all of the red. I ended up with what I called ‘sunset hair’, because it was almost white at my roots and became a deeper orange the further down it got. So I hit up trusty google to find out if it would be safe to bleach twice. I learned that it’s totally safe, and also learned that toner is super necessary for bleaching.

So back to Shoppers I went, and realized I had no idea what I was looking for with regards to toner. I asked the lady in the beauty section and she gave me L’Oreal Paris Brass Banisher. And with one more bleach and that stuff (which only takes five minutes!) I had the most beautiful blonde I’ve ever had in my life:

Perfect shade!!

I haven’t toned since then, so I don’t have any basis of comparison, but honestly if you’re looking to get rid of brassy blonde, use this toner. Look at that shade! It’s fucking gorgeous!

So this is about where I started to have some fun. My girl Emerald had gotten me this killer leopard print dress, and I knew it would look bitchin with pink, so I did this for our formal photo shoot:

Yay pink chunks! I don’t know if I could recreate that ever. ^_^’

It faded fast and washed out after pretty much three washes. I definitely don’t recommend Manic Panic pink. Unless you only want the colour for an event, in which case it looks really awesome fresh.

Then came the Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators concert. I wanted something cool, so I threw some Manic Panic Shocking Blue into a huge chunk of the front of my hair. This chunk had become bangs from breakage. I should have done more research in the beginning, the brittling process is easily not noticed because it’s gradual, but it happens, so if you’re going to bleach your hair, DEEP CONDITION! In any case, I did really like having pseudo side-bangs, so it was okay.

Slash, baby!

I figured it would wash out really fast and I could try other colours, but I was mistaken. After a few washes, this happened:

Twelve years later and I still suck at selfies, lol!

Purple was super cool, but then THIS happened:

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

And I’m still kicking myself for not doing my whole head. How fucking amazing would that have been?! The only problem is that Manic Panic is about fourteen dollars for a little jar, and I’d probably need three or four to do my whole head, they’re tiny. That’s seriously expensive hair. But it lasted so long, it was crazy! It continued fading to this:

Seriously somebody teach me how to do proper selfies. Sans duckface, of course.

So, if you want a super pretty pink, get the MP Shocking Blue and just wash it a lot until you get the pink you want. Because it will last forever. It was still there after I’d bleached my roots twice, which is pretty impressive. The other cool thing about Manic Panic and most semi-permanent dyes is that they’re conditioner based, so you can leave them in as long as you want, and your hair is silky soft afterwards.

Just a side note of a couple quick tips, in case you didn’t watch the Panser video above. I found all of her advice extremely helpful and never had to seek other opinions, so just take her word as truth. When you’re dying your hair semi-permanent, rinse it out with cold water. As cold as you can stand. It closes the pores in your hair and locks in the colour. Then don’t wash it for as long as you can without going crazy for having a greasy head. It gives the colour time to bond and sink in.

Anyway, back to my ass. I mean hair. ^_^ It was getting a little brassy again, which apparently just happens to blonde hair. I was going to tone again, but one of my friends had just dyed her hair back to brown after being blonde and gave me this purple shampoo that she didn’t need anymore. I can’t remember the brand, but it was a shampoo you use once a week that puts purple pigments in your hair to combat the orange ones that cause brassiness.

I had redone the blue chunk and it was down to a purpley colour when I decided to use this shampoo. It mixed with the purple, and caused my hair to be hilariously patchy. Some bits were grey, some white, some brass, I don’t know what happened but I guess that shampoo isn’t meant for use on top of dye. I wasn’t sure if I could tone on top of it, and it really kicked the shit out of my hair. It felt like hay afterward, even after conditioning, so I did a deep condition and decided to stop bleaching.

I wanted one last hurrah while my roots grew in before I would go dark again. I looked in to pastel hair colours, because I kept seeing these pictures online of asian chicks with really cool pastel hair. A lot of people are using hair chalk (or actual chalk, which looks pretty messy) to do it, but others had a better method. If you dilute your semi-permanent dye with white conditioner (I use Tres Semme, it’s like two bucks for a giant bottle), then the dye is lighter. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that already, and was pretty stoked to try it.

I discovered that the MP Shocking Blue only needs one little finger dunk of dye in about two cups of white conditioner to make a gorgeous pastel blue. So I mixed it up and slathered it all over my hair, tied a plastic bag over it, and left it for about six hours.

I so wish I had a picture, because it was pretty cool. Alas, I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t document it. :( It mixed with the purpley pink and made some cool shades that looked like cotton candy. And the brassy bits went light blue, then faded to a really nice blonde, which was cool.

My roots started to look shabby so I grabbed blue/black to get rid of the blonde, because I wanted to go dark but I wasn’t ready to let go of the blue just yet.

Kinda looks black in this picture, but you can see the contrast. Also shiny!

I got bored really quickly, and the dye faded really quickly. I think I used Feria? I can’t remember, but I’ve found that even permanent dyes don’t really stick to my hair all that well. It faded fast, and I noticed that the bleached parts of my hair were still light. My hair was significantly healthier, but I still didn’t want to bleach. I decided to try throwing colour over the faded shit and see what happened.

I used a half and half mixture of MP Shocking Blue and white conditioner, and it worked pretty well. It was dark enough that it almost looked like my hair was blue/black again, and when it started to fade it was pretty cool. At least cool enough to keep me interested in my hair for awhile. I don’t have a picture of it because it wasn’t too exciting.

Then I did this:

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

It didn’t cover much of my brown roots, but it showed up pretty nicely on the lighter bits. That being said, don’t ever buy Splat dye. It sucks ass. The dye itself has the consistency of thick snot, so it’s difficult to work with and impossible to get evenly through your hair. The colour turned out nice and bright but lasted about one singular wash before it faded to about half. I got bored of the washed out green incredibly fast.

I wanted to try another Manic Panic colour to see if any of the other deeper shades would do cool stuff like the Shocking Blue did, but Shoppers didn’t have enough selection. So I made a trip up to Sally Beauty to check out their stock. They have a ton of different MP colours, but I noticed they also had a shit ton of other brands as well. I noticed a line I’d never heard of, Ion Colour Brilliance, and their Brights line has some really funky colours. I decided to grab a box of the teal, and they had a special on where if you bought the Ion dye, you got a free colour diluter. It’s basically white dye, so if you mix it you can make pastel colours. This obviously can be achieved with white conditioner, but I thought, whatever it’s free, I’ll take it.

I’m glad I did, because the tubes are a little small, and I wouldn’t have had enough dye for my whole head. I decided to just mix them both together, and if it wasn’t dark enough I’d go get more of the teal later. Aaaaand, this happened:


I have better non-blurry pictures, but they were taken in crappy light and after it started to fade. This was the day of, and that is literally the true bright turquoise beauty that was that colour. So much fun! I was super stoked about it. The Ion Colour Brilliance dye was an awesome thick paste, and though it said semi-permanent on the box, it stayed bright for at least three and a half weeks. And even after that, it was still teal. It was great! My roots turned back to shit brown about a month after dying, but the parts that were still bleached underneath stayed teal for two months! I definitely recommend this dye, it’s fucking amazing. It’s about eight dollars a box, and can only be purchased at Sally’s. The two boxes was just enough for my hair.

I was going to do the teal again, but I was really jonesing to do hot pink. And I knew, deep down, that I wouldn’t be able to do it properly without bleaching again. So I bit the bullet and bleached my head. I thought it would look retarded. But…

*excited cackling*

The lighting is shitty in my bathroom, but you get the idea. Pretty fucking cool, right? I was going to keep it for awhile, because it looked so badass, but it didn’t take long for the blonde to go brassy. I didn’t want to chance toning on top of the light blue, just in case I had another fiasco along the lines of the purple shampoo, so I went back to Sally’s to get dye. And I decided on lavender. I was looking longingly at the hot pink, but the lavender looked so awesome, and I knew if I did pink I’d have to bleach again to then use the lavender. So I decided lavender first, and I patted the hot pink and told it that it would get it’s turn.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.


Lighting apparently sucks in my kitchen too, and you know, the whole bad a selfies thing, but fuck yes, right? The blonde turned a golden purple, the teal turned a dusty blue, some of the whiter blonde bits turned a dusty purple, and I didn’t quite get the coverage I wanted on the teal so there’s still bits of teal showing through too. So, fairy hair. Yesssss!

Anyway, that brings us to the present. I didn’t mean for this post to be so incredibly long, but once I start yapping… well, you know. Anyway. I’m going to try to document this as it fades, and we’ll see if the Ion Colour Brilliance Brights Lavender is as good as the teal was. Next post will be Wetlands Chapter Six, so enjoy this reprieve while you can! Muahahahahahaha!


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