I Just Remembered I Have A Date Square In My Purse

Seriously, you guys, I am so excited.


Shut up, I’ve been up since 4:30 in the morning. ^_^’ Which is probably why I decided to share some thoughts on something likely controversial. Actually, there’s no ‘likely’ about it, it’s going to be damned controversial.

I’ve been reading the Bible. Go ahead and take a moment to process that, I’m going to go have a smoke.

Okay, I’m back.

So, I went to Catholic schools my whole life. My family isn’t overly religious, though my grandparents were, thus I’m baptized and communed and confirmed and all of that jazz. I spent up to grade seven taking religious teachings as fact, just another subject in school like history class. When I hit grade seven, I started asking questions, many of which my teachers had no answers to. And I started getting very literal with a lot of the stories in the big ol’ book, realizing that there were a lot of loopholes and things that didn’t make sense. I was told by my teachers that I just needed to have faith.

Those of you who know me very well know that I have issues with that, to say the least. My parents taught me from birth to have an open mind and explore all possible angles of things, and so they were pretty stoked that I was asking so many questions and trying to figure this whole religion thing out. When I discovered that there were a bunch of them all over the world, it blew my fucking mind. 12 year old me was totally baffled by the fact that the Bible wasn’t a textbook.

Now, at 26, I absolutely love critiquing things and tearing them to shreds. I wanted to start doing it here, where there could be discussion and debates and all of those fun things. One drunken night on the porch there was conversation about the Bible, and how I hadn’t read it since grade school. My boyfriend joked about how the whole thing was people ‘begetting’ people and we had a good laugh about how I should do posts about the different books in the Bible.
Of course, drunken ‘har har har I should TOTALLY do that’ turned into ‘Hmmm…. I could totally do that’. Emerald, the sinister supporter of all of my ridiculous ideas, has agreed to do it with me, switching off as we go through. So for reals guys, I’m gonna be reading the Bible.
Now, with me not being attributed to any religion, I’m going to try to be as completely subjective as possible to this subject. That being said, I will likely have ‘what the fuck?!’ moments because there are a lot of things in there, like in any book, that don’t make a lot of sense to me. That’s where you, my lovely audience, comes in. I want your thoughts, every step of the way. And to any of you that are Catholic, or have a good grasp on Catholicism and the Bible, please feel free to step in and add your two cents at any time. Religion interests the shit out of me, and I love learning new things about anything, especially from people’s experiences and opinions. So if you feel like I’m taking something wrong, or have answers to the myriad of questions I’m likely going to ask, please step in and take the stage!
So, yeah. I can’t set a specific timeframe for frequency of posts, due to work, writing my bitchin’ sci-fi epic, and beta-ing, but it’s going to be a thing every now and again.
In that case, I’mma finish my date square and make some delicious soup for my poor sick man who is all curled up in bed enjoying World War Z. Because Reflections is awesome, and you should go there.
Until next time!

4 thoughts on “I Just Remembered I Have A Date Square In My Purse

  1. So if your guy thought you were adorable and desirable and irresistable, after you weigh the pros and cons. would you still discard your guy for being a nutbar?

  2. I'm assuming this comment was supposed to go on the jealousy post, lol! I think what you're trying to ask here is that if a guy really loved me but had serious jealousy issues, would I dump him? The answer is complicated, but in the end, likely yes. If he really actually loved me enough then he would see how his jealousy and possessiveness was hurting me and everyone around me and take an active role in trying to work on it. If this were the case, yes I would help him, and we would go from there. If his excuse for being a jealous prick was 'oh, I just love you so much', well, that's a problem. I've been in that exact situation before, and it was definitely a contributing factor to why I broke up with that guy. Although he had a lot of other deep seated issues that put a strain on our 'relationship'. Which I find, people that are hard core jealous and have poor self esteem generally have a whole other pile of bullshit that other people have to deal with.So, I suppose the short answer is yes.


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