I just read an article on buzzfeed about how adorable red pandas are. They are the cutest fucking animal ever. :) I’m blogging from my phone right now and I have no idea how to link to the article, so look it up yourself. ^_^’ Anyway there’s some kind of competition between the elephant and the red panda over who is going to be the next ‘Big Animal’. As much as I love elephants, and who doesn’t, between these two I’m totally voting for he red panda. Cutest animal ever! Seriously look them up on YouTube. You’ll die in a pit of squees.

So I’ve gotten some funny and cute texts and Facebook messages pertaining to last night’s blog post, because I’m a space case. :) I feel it’s necessary to clarify that my pseudo-philosophical ramblings about life throwing crazy shit around is because I’m bouncing around like a schoolgirl. I said that these life altering events seem to happen to me a lot, but not like this one. :) I’m not one to broadcast my personal life all over everyone’s news feed, so I’ll make this mysterious but clear. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Like, totally evar. Hence the tralalalala-ing. :) Because sometimes life has a big ol’ ice pick to chip away the fortress around your heart.

Life is so fucking good. :)

The would make a great shirt. Complete with the smiley.

\gay rant about my gayness

P.S. I tweeted ‘brown belt’ on Friday night, because I was drunk and everyone was high giving each other and I got caught up in the moment. Wait, that doesn’t sound right either. Bottom line (haha, bottom) I shouldn’t be tweeting from the bar. But (haha) I do it anyway. That is all.


2 thoughts on “#TeamRedPanda

  1. Omg my thumbs today. Not instead of hot. I'm too lazy to edit so I'm just going to keep commenting until I get my sentences proper.


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