Peter Piper and the Pickled Peckers

Life is definitely not a boring thing. We’re made up of our experiences, knowledge we gather, emotions we feel, and how we treat people. Sometimes life lessons will smack you in the face so hard you take a tumble, and when you get back up, the world looks a little differently. Whether it looks better or worse, this happens to me all the time. Sometimes it just takes one moment, a minuscule little happening, to make your blood run cold and your heart stop. It’s amazing how the human body physically reacts to even the tiniest of instances.

Sometimes it feels like the day drags on, like you’re trudging through mud to get anywhere and time is running backwards. Sometimes you’re light as a feather and the day flies by in an instant. And sometimes all it takes is one word, sentence, or facial expression to completely turn it around. Some life events take time, and the buildup is a flurry of emotion and preparation. And some events just happen at the drop of a hat and you’re forced to deal with it before the shock even wears off.

These things happen to me all the time. I’ve joked in the past about how I’ve had fifty midlife crises already and I haven’t even reached midlife (hopefully). Some I orchestrated, some were beyond my control, but life is always a rollercoaster and you never know where the tracks are going to take you.

For the record, yes, I’m babbling. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of bliss for me, and I’m learning things about myself that I never knew existed. It’s enlightening, and inspiring, and beautiful. My thoughts have been all a-jumble and I’ve been furiously making notes like a busy little bee for all kind of writing avenues that I’d like to explore. But I haven’t been able to put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) and create paragraphs that make sense.

As you can see from the above ramblings, my head is all over the place. I’m exploring so many little nooks and crannies inside of myself that I can’t even stay on track. :) You should see my notebooks and the emails I’ve been sending myself from my phone. When I can actually put all of my thoughts in order, the internet is going to see some serious shit.

I just dug a bunch of hair out of my shower drain (I use a glove to do this, because ew, guys) and realized that I needed to write a blog post. Like, right then. Don’t worry, I took the glove off first. And I decided not to reference any notes, and just write what came to mind. I have things that will be coming soon, like a new Boss review (we’re up to chapter 10 now, and it’s so steamy… you don’t even know), a series of posts that I’d like to start that will span 26 posts, more hilariously ridiculous erotic fanfiction, and a side blog for a series of short stories. The short stories won’t start until VIVID 2 is done, which is like totally late.

I know I said March 1st, but I’ve found that when I set deadlines for myself, I panic and then I can’t write because I put too much pressure on myself. And then I force myself to write, and it comes out like shit. Absolute shit. I should have known better than to do that. The other reason (excuse? Shaddap!) is because I changed my character for the cover, and now I’m going to have to pick a new model. I just realized I’m an idiot and the perfect one is totally visiting right now… hang on I have to text her.

Ok, I’m back. I’ve decided to put one of the secondary characters on the cover, and save Moxie (the main character) for the fifth and final book of the series, because it just feels more right that way. I put the mainest (that’s a word now, fuck you spellcheck) secondary character on the first one, so I’m going to do that for all of them up to the last, which will feature Moxie for the end of her story. So the beautiful Ashley won’t be debuting her rockin’ modeling career until then. Unless she comes to one of my shoots. Hint, hint!

Squee! Marissa texted me back and she’s agreed to do the shoot. My personal favourite character in Vivid 2, Kharma, will have a face. :)

It is taking me forever to write this. ^_^’ I’m all over the place, but I feel like I got a little more structured in the last couple of paragraphs. I should probably quit while I’m ahead. Next post will be a Boss review, so with that theme in mind, I will hopefully stay on track.

Tra la la la la! Happy Spring everyone!



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