The Boss Chapter Two

If you haven’t yet checked out the sexy serial novel The Boss, by Abigail Barnette, check it out here! Go ahead, I’ll wait. :)

I got my street team copy of chapter two last night, and there are so many things right with it that I don’t even know where to start. For those of you who don’t know, Abigail Barnette is a pseudonym for the talented Jenny Trout, who has been doing chapter-by-chapter recaps of the 50 Shades Trilogy. She’s opened many eyes as to why the series is terrible, from the writing itself to the prevalent themes that E.L. James has snuck in under many noses. Therefore, Jenny has decided to write a proper erotic romance and give it away for free, because she’s fucking awesome.

In chapter 1, we met Sophie, a twenty four year old woman working at a top fashion magazine. Her boss has mysteriously quit or been fired, and the man that has taken the position is a man from Sophie’s past. A sexy older gentleman named Neil that once introduced her a night of passion that she’s never forgotten.

Jenny is an avid Giles fan. So I just picture Neil like this. Yum.

In chapter two, we get into the meat of the story. Sophie’s best friend Holli is a model, but she’s not a pretentious bitch. She’s thin and beautiful and perfect, but Sophie does not resent her in the slightest. They have an amazing friendship, they’re roommates, and they talk about their problems while smoking weed and drinking wine. It’s an incredibly well written and realistic scene, the dialogue was so perfect. And I love that neither of them feels it necessary to compete with one another. Sophie does not ever imply anything negative towards her friend, because they’re best friends. In 50 Shades, Ana constantly talks about Kate (her best friend) like she has to one-up her, and the only time that she ever thinks about her or ‘misses’ her is when she’s having a Christian crisis. But then Christian wants to fuck and the crisis is over and Ana instantly forgets she even has friends. She also innately ‘slut-shames’ Kate for having a sexual relationship with Elliot (Kate’s boyfriend), meanwhile she fucks Christian three times a day. This kind of terrible cattiness is not present in The Boss.

I also like that Sophie has very real issues. She’s worried about whether or not she’s going to be able to keep her job, since she was the personal assistant to her previous one. She’s planning ahead, calculating what savings she has, and even going so far as to think about selling some of her extra purses and clothes on the internet if she needs extra cash. She says that having things like that is awesome, but it’s not necessary to live. She has to pay bills, and wants to work to support herself, thus making her an independent and relatable woman with real world issues. It makes you respect her. In 50 Shades, Ana doesn’t have to pay for anything because she lives with Kate, and Kate’s rich parents pay for it all. Ana has a car that was given to her by Jose (Mexican Jacob). So she literally has no expenses. And she pretends that working is so important to her and she wants to do it because she has to be independent and Christian can’t just buy her stuff all the time… but then she’s the worst employee ever. She emails back and forth with Christian constantly on her work email, takes personal calls, and her ‘friends’ stop by the office all the time to see her. All in the first week of working there. And then *SPOILER* her boss gets fired and she gets promoted to editor. It’s unrealistic and ridiculous.

And then, readers, then we get some action. And I feel like there is hope for this world, after all. The entire time I was reading 50 Shades I was waiting for hot sex. This proclaimed dirty and naughty book about BDSM ended up being BORING. The first sex scene was just normal sex, and it was decently written, but every single sex scene afterwards was the exact same. The only dirty thing that happened was the infamous bathroom scene where Christian pulls out her tampon before he fucks her. Ew. Ew. Ew. All of the BDSM stuff ended up actually not being sexual at all, and it turned out that Christian just beat her when he was angry. Not sexy, folks.

Anyway, in chapter two of The Boss, Sophie has a wonderful flashback while she’s pleasuring herself in the bathtub. She’s thinking back to the night she spent with Neil, and oh god. Just delicious. It was beautifully written, and delightfully fresh. It was sexy as hell, and I actually applauded out loud for Abigail Barnette. Also, Sophie comments on how she ‘jilled off’ in the tub, and I laughed out loud. This is the kind of erotic literature I want to read. This is the kind of erotic literature that everyone should want to read. A world of realistic and relatable situations, with a hero and heroine that you like, and steamy sex scenes that make you want to tear your clothes off.

I’ve now spent too much time looking at pictures of Anthony Stewart Head. 

The Boss Chapter 2 will be up for your carnal pleasure here on January 30th.


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