Well hello there, interweb.

I’ve been told that blogging is a wonderful experience. I’ve been told that heroin is a wonderful experience too, but I figured that this would be cheaper. Also, I like writing stuff. Mostly fiction, but I like the whole journalish experience too. I should warn you now I also enjoy making up words. :) And smileys.

So I suppose I should tell you a little about myself, readers that don’t exist yet. My name is Caitlin Szinegh, and the pronunciation of that is Sin-Eg. My cousin likes to tell people to think of Sinful Eggs, which is probably a dirty joke just waiting to happen. Szinegh is Hungarian, as is my father, but I was born in beautiful British Columbia Canada in 1986. Unfortunately I don’t remember it because I’ve been in Ontario since I was a baby, but I’ve heard it’s awesome. Been meaning to take a train out there sometime.

I’ve been into art since I was really small, but I suck horribly at drawing. I’ll have to scan some of my stick-people cartoons and post them. Because you can’t possibly fathom the awfulness of my pencil skills. In any case, this is why I take pictures instead! Photography is a massive passion for me, and my best friend and I go nuts with our cameras quite often. My favourite is artistic portraits, and luckily I have a lot of friends that love randomly modeling, so it’s great fun. I enjoy landscapes and animals as well, and have been dabbling in night photography. It’s challenging and rewarding to stay out in the back country until four in the morning trying to get that perfect starscape.

Also, writing. Yay! Favourite genre is sci-fi and fantasy, and I’ve discovered it’s pretty much my only genre. A few months ago my friend and I challenged each other to write a proper realistic romance novel, and I got so bored thinking about a storyline that it transformed into a dystopian future with wraith-aliens. I tried REALLY hard not to do that… but now it’s a totally different story and I’d much rather write that. :)

I’m an avid reader, and while sci-fi/fantasy is at the top of my list, I will read anything. I’ve never met a book that I haven’t finished, even if it’s torturing me with stupidity, bad writing, or a horrible storyline. Sometimes I purposely read books just to see how horrible they are. (See also: 50 Shades of Grey) Top faves include Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Heinlein, Matthew Stover, and too many more to list.

And music! Whee! I’m going to put my foot down right here, and tell you that I love playing and listening to every genre of music, with limits. Classic rock is my absolute favourite, of which I am still on a buzzing high from seeing Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in Toronto last night. Words can not describe the guitar-gasms that came out of Slash’s Les Paul. But I digress. Genre limits. I hate country. Loathe it. The slow, depressing, twangy shit makes me want to blow my brains out. With a bullet. BUT I adore bluegrass. :) So, see how I can’t say that I hate all country-ish music? And a lot of pop music I can’t stand, but it’s probably because I’m forced to listen to repetitive garbage radio stations at work. Ah, Classic Rewind, how I love and miss thee during working hours!

Segue! My job. I am co-owner of BulletProof Photography, but when I’m not running around with my Nikon I work with animals. Dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, cuteness oh my! I’m an animal health tech, not a vet, so if you ask me animal health questions I will most likely tell you to go see a vet. It’s like when you work with computers and everyone always wants you to come fix their computer. Although I’m sure a quick fix for that is to show up with a sledgehammer.

And yeah, that’s right, I said Nikon. :)

So, I suppose that’s some stuff about me, which is what I set out to accomplish today. Little icebreaker, you know, get to know each other. My actual purpose for this blog is to talk about stuff, structured sort of like opinion essays I guess. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens with the next post. In any case, it was nice meeting you, and I’ll leave you with a very meaningful and philosophical quote.

“You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar.” -George Carlin


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